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    Dr. Miroshnik - 19 August 2014
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    174cm/58kg/ 10A
  1. Hi mj1990 I have the same. even when I walk I am puffing because the tight bra is taking my breath away. I feel like I havent exercised in a year:-)
  2. I am about 6 hours post op. All good so far. The painkillers are doing their work and I had a good nap before dinner. Can not wait to have a look at them tomorrow.
  3. I am in the waiting room now with a nice warm blanket over me.I should be ready to go into surgery in 20min. How exciting:-) hope the other girls who are scheduled for today are doing well
  4. Just received my admission time. Will be in for op tomorrow around 1pm. Ahhb I am getting so nervous. Thanks for all the wishing well and good luck to all the girls who have their big day tomorrow.
  5. Yeah at least its over and done. Hopefully you feel better soon. I sent you a fr.
  6. Wish all the girls good luck for this week! He Newbs have you tried ginger tea? Heard that should help against nausea.hope you're feeling better soon.
  7. http://www.justbreastimplants.com/breast_augmentation_surgery/tipsheet.htm This webpage has a good list of things to do and think about pre-op
  8. Wow thanks Newbs. Yeah I heard the complete comfort bra from bnt is really good. Thanks for all the other links.
  9. Yeah so excited. I have an other appointment tomorrow and will pick the size. I will just be wearing my boyfriends shirts and hoodies;-) they are baggy enough. But I saw Kmart has some nice comfy zip up hoodies. What about post op bras? I know I will get two from my surgeon but was wondering if anyone has some suggestions?
  10. Hi Rosi Your boobies look great! I am booked with Dr. Mroshnik on 19.08 and he suggested 330cc moderate plus profile (so same as you?). Do you have any before pics? Not sure if I should go with 375cc or if they would be too big. May I ask you how broad your shoulders are (in cm)? thanks
  11. Hi Girls I love the idea of sharing the experience and talking to girls who are going through the same. I am booked for 19 August with Dr. Miroshnik. So excited. Just not sure about the size. He suggested 330cc moderate plus profile since I want a natural look. But my shoulders are broad and a lot of girls wish they'd gone bigger. Anyone else with 330cc?
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