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  1. It's way way to early for final results to be evident! I read somewhere on here that each boob is different and will have different recovery! Good advice above, take it!
  2. I would be going in to see him if I was you, over the phone is tricky especially when there has already been some miscommunication and disappointment!
  3. Oops sorry! I'm a month ahead of myself! You've got a bit of wait then and jaw surgery too! You poor thing! Hope all goes well!
  4. Good luck for tomorrow, I hope it all goes well for you and you get what you want and paid for!
  5. It's still early days! I'm not 100% happy with mine either! At 51/2 weeks they still look weird and nipples are low and at different angles, implants high! But I'm trying to stay optimistic that they will sort themselves out! It's to early to stress!, ( or so I'm telling myself!) I think I've got a suture coming through on one of my incisions, it's a black area, not broken through the skin yet, I've emailed a photo to my PS and he wants me to come in on Tuesday to check it. So it's not all plain sailing for everyone is it?!
  6. I'm just 1 week ahead of you, had a lift as well. Not itchy at all, but I have a disposable suture (well I think that's what it is!) that's come up just under my incision, emailed a photo to my PS and he wants to see me a week earlier on Tuesday, don't know what he'll do? I reckon you'll be okay going braless for 1 night, but why not just check with your PS to be sure. Sending you a FR!
  7. It's okay, don't fret!! I put on about 4kg too and now I'm 1kg less than I was pre op! (I'm 5 1/2 weeks post op) and that's without exercise! There is a lot of inflammation and fluid build up after major surgery that contributes to weight gain, it's normal and won't last. In fact your metabolism will speed up to help your body heal, so make sure your eat well, lots of protein and fresh fruit and veggies!
  8. Sorry your having to go through a 2nd surgery, but it's great that you've not had any pain! (Hope that continues for you) Just looked at your pics and they will look fantastic after the lift (when they've settled) all the best and will be thinking of you! Will be anxious to see how you are! Xxx
  9. Oh no! Sorry to hear this! I'm sure Mark will have it sorted ASAP!
  10. Good list DanniP, add a heat pack to it, for back pain!
  11. My PS says no Yoga, tennis, trampolining !?, bungee jumping or horse riding for 3 months. I think with yoga there is a lot of stretching and you use your hands/arms to hold up your body weight during some of the poses? I've only done yoga a few times.
  12. If you do need a lift then your PS definitely should do it free of charge! As an experienced PS he should have known that you needed a lift in the first place. If things don't improve for you, maybe get a second opinion so that you have a bit of ammunition and confidence when you see him next? (I know that's expensive though) Take care and be kind to yourself!
  13. Hi, I'm sorry to hear your going through this. It's still very early after your op so hopefully they will start dropping soon. I'm 4 weeks post op and I'm still worried mine won't drop and settle nicely, my right boob is a bit wonky! I'm sending a friends request to you, if that's ok.
  14. Hi Rheanan, thanks for photo, they are looking really good! I'm going to send you a FR!
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