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  1. Hey guys, so I had my consult but have been super busy and forgot to come back to update how it went. Basically I am able to wear underwire bras (from 8 weeks). I can stop taping my scars at 12 weeks and start rubbing bio oil into them twice a day for a year. If my scars are raised or if underwire irritates my scarring I can use silicone tape but this needs to be changed daily. I did mention my concern regarding crease asymmetry during my consult but as it was over the phone and Dr M just had photos to view he said he will check it out when I have a face to face consult within the next six months. I didn't mention the bubble after that as I didn't want to sound like a whinger (as I love my results lol) and I figured it would be even more difficult for him to assess that via photos.
  2. No worries girls, I have a post op phone consult with Dr M next week so I will do an update after that. So far they are softening up nicely and I am virtually pain free these days. I have some concerns with crease asymmetry and a slight bubble on my inner cleavage on my left side but this could be normal while they are settling so I am not going to stress over it. I will ask him during my phone consult but might have to wait till my next face to face for him to assess it and give his opinion. Hope your phone consult went well Cate
  3. I kept mine elevated until the bad morning boob subsided. I found having pillows on either side of me to rest my arms on was really helpful for comfort whilst sleeping and it reduced morning boob in the morning. Hold out hope though as it will pass. It sounds like it is different for everybody as to how long it takes (as with most things Breast augmentation related).
  4. My recovery has been quite easy thus far and I still don't feel 100% at almost five weeks post op. I still feel a little (not much) discomfort upon waking and the last couple of days had some uncomfortable feelings in my left boob around the lollipop incisions. It seems to change day to day. Some days they are super over sensitive and others like today they are fine. I will be happy when I no longer have to have them taped though!! Have any of you lovely ladies been given advice about what sort of bras are best for ladies with implants in the long run? Or is it just whatever goes? I am also unsure about what kinds of sports bras are best when returning to gym activities (like cardio type classes and running). Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated Hope everyone is doing well now with their revoveries!
  5. Oh no Hope you are doing better today!
  6. Oh dear I would have freaked out having a film crew hanging around lol - East Sydney Private was lovely and the recovery nurses were fantastic in my experience as well I had to have a giggle at the smoke detector incident lol - hopefully they get right on that I am glad everything seems to be going well.. I am still noticing slight bruising in my ribs now four weeks on from surgery so they must really cop a bit of trauma during the operation. Mine seem to twinge when my skin is pulled down due to resting my two year old on my side when I pick him up. Not unbearable though. How good are your kids for helping you out so much this morning
  7. Yay Bec!!! That is so awesome I was thinking of you yesterday. Hope you are feeling good today. I haven't had a look around the site so will go check around to see if you've posted anything about your experience.
  8. Good luck tomorrow Bec Bec!! Update us all over on the November thread when you are feeling up to it xx
  9. Hopefully you are just in a post op blues funk and you start to love them more once you are feeling yourself again. I am missing the gym and stressing about whether I will feel confident to work out at the same level as pre-op (for fear of damaging my results). I am using optislim shakes at the moment to keep any weight from creeping back on - not something I would normally do for weight maintenance but I feel really weird about not being able to burn calories at the gym everyday like I used to. So far so good, have even dropped a couple of stubborn kilos (could be my muscles disappearing lol). I think your shape is great by the way. It gives you a more feminine shape. I think it will just be a matter of finding a style of clothing to suit your shape. I am loving dresses at the moment. They seem to flatter me so much more than they used to.
  10. Thanks BellaJay that is reassuring!! Just uploaded a couple of pics as I changed my tapes for the second time tonight at 26 days post op
  11. Hey guys, just caught up on everyone's going ons! Sounds like for the most part everyone is healing up okay I am almost 4 weeks post op!! Can't believe it! I have been side sleeping for the last week or so with a soft pillow under my side as well and it's been bearable thank gosh!! I am normally a tummy sleeper so this is like heaven compared to back sleeping lol. My boobs are feeling softer and I only have slight discomforts here and there. I am starting to freak out a little about massaging. My PS never mentioned anything and neither did my nurse in the post op check up. I have textured implants so does this mean I don't massage? Maybe I should shoot them an email. I changed my dressings for the second time tonight so I will pop up some pics shortly. I feel like my right nipple has shrunk back to normal size but my left side nipple (the lift side) looks bigger than righty now. Hopefully this rights itself
  12. Oh Glittergal, sorry to hear about you losing your job. That is really shitty straight after forking out for your BA. Mrsj, if you don't find anything suitable to wear would it be okay to not wear the stabiliser just for the concert? I wouldn't think it would cause too much drama with your results if it was for a short period of time. I never had to wear one of them but have seen photo's with them on and they do look super hard to conceal. Are they effective? Does Dr T ask all his patients to wear them?
  13. I've managed to go back to sleeping with two pillows under my head and another pillow to cuddle on the side I tend to roll to. Morning boob is almost non-existent for me thankfully - I'm 20 days post op
  14. Oh and WE MADE IT THROUGH NOVEMBER LADIES Wishing all the December ladies luck!!
  15. Haha my hubby likes to have a daily preview too My surgeons nurse told my their would be a stitch at the end of each crease incision that I would need to trim when I changed my dressings. I also had to trim one that poked out of my nipple from the lifted side. I am no where near my surgeons office though so maybe just give them a call tomorrow and ask if its okay to trim them yourself.
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