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  1. I totally agree with this Kylee a skilled practitioner with the CPT thermage can get fantastic results for facial lifting tightening and increased volume. I guess it depends on your expectations, your budget and whether or not you want to "go under the knife" to improve this problem. The introduction of the CPT thermage "total tip" 1200 in Feb 2014 offers patients a significant immediate result and an even better ongoing result. I think it can be a little practitioner dependent but if you go to an experienced CPT Thermage practitioner you should get great results. Be careful having treatments in Asia as there are now "fake" tips on the market, which may not be able to deliver the required energy to get the result. How will you know? If it is under $2k it is probably a fake ti. A genuine thermage tip is VERY expensive!
  2. I agree that you want to search for CPT Thermage, which is the latest cool pulsed technology, and not painful, and go forr the new 1200 total tip introduced in Australia in February 2014 for the most AWESOME immediate and ongoing results. Contact saphiraclinic.comau
  3. Hi it's Christiana from Saphira clinic. In Feb 2014 there was the introduction of the total tip 900 and 1200 ( I only use 1200) and the immediate results are awesome! I've been doing Thermage for 10 years now and haven't been this excited about a piece of tech for years. I've done about 100 patients with the new tip and EVERY single one has had an exceptional immediate result. We are currently doing 4 monthly reviews and they are even more awesome! Well not much in my industry excites me much any more but I LOVE these new Thermage results. I don't think I have any client who would describe the treatment as painful.. We do everything non surgical at Saphira but this is my all time fav treatment for 30 - 40 prevention and stability and 40 - 70 more often for. Or reaction and maintenance! My recommendation for Top value treatment.
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