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  1. good luck with your procedures, Id recommend to pace yourself, though, but its your body and you can make whatever changes you want the most important thing at the end of the day its the man in the mirror so again good luck and best wishes
  2. first post here, nice to read your experiences, Im posting from overseas, way faraway in southamerica. I had to post something because this is a very frequent occurrance where we come from. In our experience here in Colombia, a lot of times we get phone calls from the BFs or husbands who clearly are almost forcing their Gfs or wifes to go thorugh the BA. In these cases we always talk with the woman separated from their male companion so they can give us a more free answer if they really want to have this procedure, or if its just a matter of pressure from their husbands or BFs. Its definitely a decision that the woman, and the woman alone, should take, its her body and her pain, and results.
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