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    Breast Augmentation
    Asymmetry beforehand
    Wide gap between my breasts (19cm) and no upper pole
    Small breast width (10.5cm)
    HP round implants, 400cc left side, 350cc right side
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    Dr Rahdon 4/2/16
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    166cm / 55kg / 10B
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    Super fit and love being outdoors :)

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  1. Dr Rahdon in Geelong is under $10K and I'm very happy with my experience
  2. @imperfectly_lou yep totally agree with you! I want to hold those puppies down!! At the moment I've been wearing my post op bra as I can only spin bike at the moment anyway so they're not bouncing. I'm going to get fitted in a Berlei in a couple of weeks when I'm allowed to stop wearing the post op bra. I've heard Panache is good too so will check out them as well I think they will be fine as you can fit the band and the bust. It's just the crops that don't seem to work for me. I used to love wearing my little yoga crops under normal clothes on the weekends instead of a bra haha.
  3. Hi Girls Hoping some of you might be able to help me! I'm having trouble fitting into any sports bras. My underbust measurement is 64cm. My bust measurement is now 89cm (bra size 8F). I've tried on sports bras (pull over ones) and Medium seems to be the right size for my boobs but is miles too big underbust. Even the Small is not super tight under my bust and I really need it to be firm so they don't bounce!! The Small does not even cover my boobs at all, they are popping out the sides and the top, and not in a sexy way! I'm planning to double bra anyway (wear something like a Berlei sports bra underneath) and a nike crop over the top but even when I put the crops over my post op bra they are still too big under bust I'm only 4 weeks PO so they aren't moving too much really at the moment, could this be the reason? Do you think I could possibly fit a Small once they soften up? So what I want to know is, where does everyone else get their sports bras and what size do they wear?? I see heaps of instagram fitness models with massive boobies and they seem to have no issue! What the hell?? The chick in the pic has her own sports label so next step is I'm going to email them haha!
  4. @Nooby hahaha omg!! I bet they look amazing! None of my friends have noticed that I have seen (I live in a diff state from most of my friends). One hugged me and then kinda looked there (they are pretty hard lol) but never said anything and she's the type of person who definitely would have said something!! I'm pretty stoked about it I haven't had them 'out' yet though, I always wear loose tops and/or high cut necklines
  5. My lefty was numb compared to my right as I had a larger implant put in that side. It gets better and better everyday and now 4 weeks PO it's pretty much normal
  6. Mine are dropping really nicely now @Slatts 4 Weeks PO omg @Katemav26 the sore nipples are the worst!!!!! All of a sudden this week it was dropped from a 10/10 pain to about a 3 (3.5 weeks PO) so weird but yeah it just happened and it's soooo much better now!!
  7. Hey Jade I'm in the same situation but my smaller one was not tuberous. My right breast (smaller implant) is definitely healing faster, it dropped quicker (you can see in my pics) and also is much softer. It also jiggles around when I brush my teeth whereas the other one stays firm and still haha! They are slowly evening out, my left one is getting softer and softer. Also just this week I noticed that I could feel them bouncing when I'm walking which I think means they are finally loosening up. I just started my massaging yesterday which is so weird but they are definitely feeling softer today! I'll take some more pics on the weekend (4 weeks PO) Richard said mine looked all good at my 10 day appt too so I'm not worried at all. I think it's going to take a long time for them to settle evenly
  8. Yes! My sternum was super swollen it really freaked me out but it does settle! I'm 3 weeks PO and between my breasts is completely back to normal
  9. Bought a $450 Zimmerman dress for the first time in my life! I didn't even spend that much on my wedding dress!!
  10. I gained 3.5 kilos straight after surgery and was bloated for about a week. I've just kept up my normal diet, healthy but not restricting anything, still eating carbs etc. I'm now 2 weeks PO and weigh 55.9 kg which is 900g heavier than before I went in so I'm thinking that's all boob I took laxatives every morning while I was taking Endone, so for about 5 days
  11. Thanks Jade. I just rang them and they have reopened, yay! They had some damage with floods! I've ordered my bra :):):)
  12. I don't know I think he said it was due to the pocket that the implant sits in and not letting it stretch out. I have really wide set breasts so that could have something to do with it, they already sit far out to the sides so side sleeping could make it a lot worse
  13. omg I saw my surgeon yesterday and he said I can't sleep on my side for another 6 weeks!! Ahhhh this sucks!! It must be different for everyone but I'm so bummed out. Oh well, yay for boobies anyway!
  14. So I had my first appt yesterday with my surgeon and these were his answers to my exercise questions (obviously every surgeon will have a different opinion so check first! Also, mine are over the muscle) Light walking - fine after first few daysDog walking (I have 2 huskies that pull pretty hard) - 3-4 weeks POSpin bike or incline treadmill - 2 weeks (so now for me - yay!). He did say I needed to make sure they were fully strapped down though, no bounce! (again, will probably be different for everyone)Leg weights at the gym - 4 weeks PO (I can do non-weighted squats and lunges now if I want)Yoga (ie. push up motions etc.) - 6 weeks PONot sure if this is helpful or not because I'm sure every case is different (ie. I have to wear my post op bra 24 hrs a day) so definitely check with your surgeon first
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