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  1. wow....just like everyone else you mae a small imlant look huge!
  2. Im 700cc's and I don't feel fat at all. I think it comes down to how you dress ultimately however. I think given your height you should be absolutely fine with 500cc!!
  3. I had them before my first BA, but after it just kicked up a notch haha...im with misstons!
  4. So I was having this conversation with my mum and was keen to see what everyone here thought. She asked me at what age I would let my daughter (i don't actually have one yet) get her breasts done if she wanted them. I told her 18. My own experience was that my mum stopped me from getting them until I turned 20 at minimum. I got my first set (400) at 20 and then my second set at 22. What does everyone here think?
  5. I had sex 3 days after my first ba...It was very gently with no movement... Second BA, I waited a couple of weeks....mainly because I am single and there was no one to have sex with....but even then it was quite gentle given I went quite large. Its probably wise to go by what your surgeon says.
  6. Lol, well im single so they are out all the time
  7. Yours already look spectacularly big! Know what you mean, guys always stare at my boobs, which is kind of annoying but kind of flattering all atthe same time lol.
  8. Thanks for all the comments ladies...I still find myself just staring at them every other minute...absolutely in love with them! Are any of you girls considering an upgrade? Or is everyone here as in love with their current boobs just as much as i am?
  9. Everyone has been fine with it. My parents weren't so keen with me getting my first set but after that they saw it didn't really change me or anything like that. They think I am crazy for wanting them so big but they respected my decision. The only negative has been overhearing comments from strangers but ofcourse that doesn't really matter given I don't even know them!
  10. To be honest I think the angle of the photos i posted makes them look a little bigger than they are!
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