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  1. Are you now able to wear other bras Mich? How exciting ladies! I was fitted & depending on the bras, I am between 8C-8D now
  2. I am confident you would achieve your DD goal with those implants
  3. I had 330 round moderates no photos though, I was a small A cup to begin with, I'm only 4 weeks post op but will end up being a full C- small D cup.
  4. Another highly recommended Sydney surgeon is Dr Eddy Dona (the surgical director of TCI too!) & his price is $8,800 in total. Different between TCI is that with him, it is under GA. The beginning of the BA journey can be daunting, I wish I had've found this forum earlier! It is so helpful. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
  5. How are all my fellow October girls going?
  6. I had a spray tan 2 weeks after my surgery, but we put bandaids over my incision area
  7. Nsw girl here, sorry I can't recommend anyone on the GC, but if you're willing to travel to Sydney TCI do a great deal & there are PLENTY of girls on this forum who have had theirs done with them.
  8. How do you find the cotton on crop tops? I find the cups inside irritate my nipples a little and make them sore. I had my first appointment a week after, the nurse said I was healing well and showed me the sternum massages to do. I have another appointment tomorrow- my pain is still there, I'm finding it hard to sleep, if I overdo anything I pay for it later, I'm super emotional just want this feeling to go away.. But loving my new boobies!
  9. Slowly getting better, I thought I would've felt a lot better by now, but I'm getting better day by day. Although I had a scary time with some pain killers the other day- I think I came close to overdosing. I was disorientated, shaking, vomiting, falling in and out of sleep, couldn't breathe properly. Was very scary! I tried Tramadol instead of Endone- which was my fathers & didn't even click to me that the dose rate was for him & obviously mine would be less- IDIOT!
  10. You will be fine! Just keep thinking how great you will look for your birthday! It's a small amount of time worrying for a lifetime of happiness
  11. Your photos are looking great Mich! I'm 2.5 weeks post op & dying to get back to the gym! But I can't even have a day out of the house without coming home, exhausted & sore the next day. I haven't even attempted to drive my manual car yet :/ & I have to go back to work on Monday, eeeek.
  12. I am still quite lounge bound I go on walks every day & have had a few outings, but get soooo exhausted & then feel worse the next day, so I'm trying to relax everyday, but it's driving me insane!
  13. This is what I used 2 weeks pre/post surgery and I haven't gotten one stretch mark, so I recommend it!
  14. Oh & congratulations October boobie friends! We are all done We did it, woo hoo!
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