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    TT with muscle repair & mesh hernia repair Sep 2014.
    Minor lipo to saddle bags.
    BL & BA 295cc anatomical Mentor implants
    October '15
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    Dr Merten- big fan!
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    160cm, 53k

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  1. It has been so long. I have loved reading all your posts to get up to speed tonight. Well for me things are pretty good. I will put some updated photos in my album tonight so you can see. i think I'm four months post op now. ? Buying new bras is fun. Today I bought a beautiful new set. I never liked buying underwear or trying it on before now it is fun. I can't believe I'm buying size 6F or 8E bras. I will put some pics up. My right one is still a little smaller than the right so my surgeon said he want to exchange it for a slightly larger implant in a few months time so I will be doing that
  2. oh honestly I think you will be FINE. I had a breast lift anchor type and implants under muscle on a Friday and I was fine being a stay at home mother to three little kids by Monday and I imagine a desk job is far less physically taxing. Everything I read in this forum freaked me out I was relieved it was not my reality. I do believe if you out mind over matter you can do most things. It isn't comfortable but it isn't agony.
  3. I think 18 is very young. In my case my breasts changed a lot from 18-25 I would rather wait til then to see how things progress. Also to ensure I was saving enough money to see the best plastic surgeon.
  4. I had a BL (anchor) and BA. My dr said I could drive after a couple of days and the basic rule was "if it hurts, do not do it". Within a week I was back to normal lifting my kids carrying shopping all that stuff. No problems at all. I was always careful with how I lifted them and the way I was carrying. Always took it slow. Now I am almost 4 weeks post op I am entirely back to normal. My PS said no gym for 6 weeks unless I was able to do gentle exercise and nothing affecting upper body at all. So I just decided to take a 6 week freeze on my membership. Im keeping active being a stay at home
  5. I had BL (anchor) and BA and my surgeon said I can wear any soft cup (no underwire) bra as long as it is providing some support and fits properly. So ive been wearing these: https://www.ahhbra.com/i2/index.aspx?&direct=true he said that was fine. I asked can I wear a prettier bra he said sure just please no underwire. So I've ordered some nicer wire free bra from Bendon. Perhaps it is worth checking if you can wear something like this too: http://www.bendonlingerie.com.au/stella-mccartney-lingerie-florence-fluttering-soft-black-heart-print-s21-224
  6. Totally normal! We all did it don't worry. It's a big thing, a major change honestly I reckon it would be weird not to have nerves! You're doing the right thing don't second guess yourself you put a lot of thought into it. If you can please try to rest tonight. You will need it! X
  7. I look forward to reading how it goes. I would love to get a brow lift one day!
  8. I'm pretty sure my PS said six weeks but I'm going to see him tomorrow (almost 4w PO) and I will ask him and report back. I had an anchor lift so I'm eager to tape with silicone as well. I had an amazing result on my TT scar using the tape. You can't really see it now one year post TT. Right now I also have micro pore on the incisions.
  9. Oh my gosh girls you all look so fantastic and so soon after surgery! Sorry I've not been posting much I've been a little bit down about my op because I'm worrying a lot about how they look. One is still quite a bit smaller than the other so it makes me anxious. My PS is lovely and reassured me that I shouldn't worry and not to panic because a lot changes in the first 6 weeks... I'm just finding it hard when I look in the mirror at the moment there is a pretty big size difference... Anyway for those that FR me you've all probably seen the pictures in my album. I really hope the right one dro
  10. You're welcome to see my photos the before one shows you why I needed an anchor lift. Implants alone would not have solved the saggy boobs they would have just ended up on my knees in five years. Ha ha. My areolas sat too far down I had moderate ptosis from three pregnancies, bfing.
  11. He is not a plastic surgeon so I'm not sure which board you are referring to?
  12. I only have to go to two races this year I got my hats from Anne Shoebridge and Neil Grigg. Both Sydney based miliners.
  13. I think you will get away with a BA. With my BL & BA my kids (2,4,7) all asked why I had "band aids on the boobies". I lied and said I had a small operation on my chest. My four year old said "your lungs?" And I said yeah something like that and I dropped it. Had I just had a BA they wouldn't have noticed. It's just the BL incisions require a lot of visible tape etc.
  14. I've slept on one pillow on my side since day two just like I always do. I guess each plastic surgeon has his or her own recommendations.
  15. Sometimes you just need to clip the ends of sutures rather than pull them out. I'd go straight to my PS and see if the incision needs to be closed up again.
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