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    420cc Nagor Impleo Round Textured. Dual plane placement with peri-areola incision.
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    Mansoor Mirkazimi - April 2015
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    50kgs / 154cm / Pre-op very sad B cup, Post-op ????
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  1. If your surgeon says they will fit ok then go for the 450!! My surgeon suggested 390 but I pushed to 420 which was the biggest my BW would allow. His nurse said to me that women always come back wishing they gone bigger. I also figure if you go as big as possible then it reduces the risk of boob greed! Sort of 😉
  2. Im 6 months post op with Mansoor Mirkazimi. Also couldn't be happier 😊
  3. I am understand your disappointed but bra sizes are a funny thing! The cup of a 10D bra is the same size as the cup of a 14B bra, does that make sense? i don't know if it will make you feel any better but I hope it does. 6 weeks is early and they will change. I just hit the 6mth mark and I'm sure mine have gotten bigger even now. Sending lots of love
  4. I'm a Mansoor girl, 6 months post op! Couldn't be happier 😍
  5. Hi Chuckles. i am pretty much the same size as you and at nearly 5 months post op I am still a 10E. I found bras n things to be the best option. I wanted to buy online but you really need to try bras on. They have a super comfy contour bra that has removable underwire plus plenty of other option in a 10E. good luck
  6. I am a very happy patient of Mansoor Mirkazimi. I got a my BA for $9000, he was offering a package deal but I'm not sure if it's still running. I can not fault the whole process with him and his staff and my results are better than I could've imagined
  7. Hi cupcake85 I get nausea before my period as well, im not on any contraception but I already have 3 kids (fiancé had the snip ) I found my PMS to be so much worse since having kids and not being on any contraceptive also makes it worse. If it really bothers you ask your doc for a Script for Maxalon. xx
  8. I'm sorry you feel that way, I can't help you out as I started with very little tissue but I hope you're ok and maybe in time with drop and fluff they will end up the way you want them.
  9. I agree, get a second opinion and question why that's the biggest you could go. I'm a very small framed person and I still managed to fit 420cc. Good luck
  10. Hi there. I am a Mum of 3 and prior to my BA I had the equivalent of drained teabags for boobs I am 6 weeks post op now and went through Mansoor Mirkazimi in Collins Street. I couldn't be happier with my results, there is a pic in the gallery. There's a few girls on here who also used Mirkazimi and have been super happy. I got a $9000 package, which I thought was very reasonable compared to some other Melbourne surgeons. Good luck with your journey xx
  11. I hope today goes well for you. It must be a terrible feeling, I'm 6 weeks post op & although I would've liked them bigger I went as big as I could go. One thing this forum taught me was to go bigger than you think you want & even my surgeon said the same thing. Best of luck, I hope it all gets better from here.
  12. I used Dr Mansoor Mirkazimi. I couldn't be happier with my results. There's a before & after pic in the gallery. Good luck
  13. I hear you on this one! Unfortunately I'm in Menourne so the weather is not very becoming of showing off the new girls so I've surrendered to the fact that I will have to wait until summer, which sux but so be it. I'm dying to buy new swimmers and strapless dresses etc. Will need to start saving for the new summer wardrobe
  14. Hey there. I'm a Melbourne girl, I had surgery with Dr Mirkazimi. There's quite a few girls on here that went with him and all have lived their results, including me. I got a $9000 package deal and paid $150 for 1st consult but it was worth every cent. Good luck on your journey, I hope you get the results you're after xx
  15. Hi Lauren Congrats on your decision to get new boobs, it's a big one I'm 4 weeks post op and my fiancé was not keen on the idea of me getting bound at all. He is convinced that every girl who gets them leaves they're partner within a few months, he's also incredibly over protective BUT I didn't care what he thought to be honest. This was my decision for my body, I've had 3 kids and I wanted to feel better about myself and let me tell you, I feel amazing! I absolutely love my new boobs and funnily enough, so does my fiancé!!! I understand your concern about your partners feelings but at the end of the day this is about how YOU feel, not him. Best of luck with your journey xoxo
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