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  1. It still looks the same as in the picture. I'm wondering if im wearing my scar fx too early (3weeks post). I wasn't given micropore not sure if the silicon is bad as it sweats? Yes I'm fine now haha
  2. I had a lollipop lift three weeks ago and am blown away by how great the scars are. I know they may still change but right now im very happy, definitely worth it hun. He told me I needed vertical t incision but thankfully only ended up a lollipop.
  3. I did just that and the doctor seemed to think it looks like a dissolvable suture under my skin and said not to worry.. But I didn't think the sutures under the skin were blue guess I'll keep waiting for the surgeons reply.
  4. I've only ever read one bad story of him where a girl got necrosis and blamed his technique if you search his name on this forum it will come up. Everyone else loves him though I'm sure you'll be fine
  5. My hopes are up so high now. I've made an appointmrnt with a local doctor here now too although they wouldn't touch my stitches and sent me to hospital so I don't know if they'll even check. Crazy that no one wants to have anything to do with overseas surgery.
  6. Is that normal to be underneath the skin like that? It was lighter and less yesterday, it's definitely darkened
  7. Here is a photo, it's definitely not pen as I tried washing it off with saline and a cotton bud. What can I do to get blood flow there? Rubbing the area? I have emailed my surgeon but not hopeful for a response given what others have said on here
  8. Please girls, I know I ask a lot of questions and tend to jump to conclusions but I'm actually the most worried now then I've been this whole time. I have a black spot that appears to be under my skin in the vertical incision line from my breast lift. What could it be? It doesn't appear to be open or anything.
  9. Oh I hope so. It was ok thanks, relied on trolleys and checked in most of my carry on. Four airports certainly took it out of me, I slept for days when I got home haha so glad to be back.
  10. I've had a flap of skin under my breasts from day 1 post op, thought it was for the implants to fall into or something but now I'm concerned they shouldn't be there. Please put my mind at ease, if it's been there since day 1 it's there for a reason right? At first I thought my bra was causing it. It's not huge but a noticeable flap. Both sides, I don't mind that they are there I just want to know what happens when they drop and fluff :/
  11. Crazy that 520 and 560 don't look huge. I got 350 and it's pretty big. What are your stats?
  12. I'm still confused how they look bigger later, everything I've read everywhere else says if anything they get smaller as you lose the upper pole and swelling. I imagine the dropping and fluffing to make them rounder at the bottom but much more natural and less perky, hope im wrong but I wouldn't mind if I didn't drop and fluff :/
  13. I'm currently worrying about this also. (As I worry about everything haha). I'm taking it SO easy now after reading so much, probably too easy. My husband is literally doing everything for me as I'm too scared of anything happening to my new prized possessions. My swellings gone and my scars are looking so good I can't wait for the tape to fall off so I can start the scar fx. I have a 6 month old and I'm literally doing everything for her from the floor, not risking picking her up even though the doctor said im allowed to lift up to 10 kilos it seems too heavy this early on,. Whereas the frie
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