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  1. I met him 2 weeks ago, lovely man very experienced, unfortunately I cant afford his prices. I think hes really good tho and had he had a better price I would have loved to go to him. I'm going to sydney instead, taking a risk but praying it pays off.
  2. any reviews recent with pictures?
  3. ok Im slim with annoying bumps, I dont care if Im not perfect. I just want to look a bit better. Boobies augmented last year happy with that so on to body. Laser lipo, Australia cosmetic clinics, I hope I'm doing the right thing.
  4. yeah I have 447cc and Im 168cm tall and 58kg, I shouldve got bigger...oh well, u know It could be worse. They are still nice I'm sure, mine are big and great compared to others in my age group so Im happy, I nearly went smaller thank god I went biggest. Cheer up..
  5. Dr Shaz...is he good tell me more, doing 5 areas bum, thighs inner outer, flanks and lower abdo, Ive got a great price too but im scared to book please help
  6. Hey can you please tell me how much it all cost and if it was worth it...please please!! and any photos, Im desperate for real life people to get opinions and before and after please please
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