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  1. I am a receptionist so I lift nothing heavier than a pen at work but since surgery my immune system has been down and I've been feeling so fatigued every day. I am only just coming good now & I am at the 5 week mark so I would say you need at least 5 weeks off from surgery day & make sure you are lifting your arms and moving them around if you need to lift things. You really want to stretch out your chest muscles so you don't hurt yourself x
  2. tbarbie

    3cm gap

    Massaging your boobs daily by pushing them together will slowly bring them closer. I was told by my surgeon that I should keep massaging them and pushing them together until I am as close as I want them to be then I need to stop or else they will end up being a mono boob! They are very slowly getting closer but I probably won't have some nice cleavage until 6 months post op. Hope this helps xx
  3. Mine have been feeling like this for about a week and a half now so I still have a few weeks of this :-( I would say this has been the worst part of my boobie experience!! So uncomfortable!
  4. Are any of you girls dealing with over sensitive and painful nipples? Mine are so sore & my boob skin is so painful to touch.. :-(
  5. Hi Girls, Do you know when I can start putting scar cream on my incisions? I am three weeks post op today :-) Also can anyone recommend some good brands that work?
  6. Hi Girls, so I am just over a week since my BA with Dr. Boonchai at PIAC. I have had my stitches taken out and have followed all instructions for a good recovery but I am starting to be in some really uncomfortable pain! The skin on my boobs is so sensitive to touch, my nipples are worse and are so sore when touched and where my drains were is so itchy!! Can anyone recommend what I do in this situation to make it more comfortable? I fly out tomorrow and am dreading the flight with this feeling!!
  7. It is very nerve racking the day of surgery. Even the day before I was thinking about just cancelling it!! BUT after it is all done, you feel so good and out of it.. There is no pain (for the first few hours) and you are well looked after :-)
  8. They are starting to look a lot less toredoeyy now. They still look like someone has glued fake boobs to my chest but they are looking better. Sleeping uprigt hasn't been a problem now, except throughout the night I must slip down and need my partner to get me back up haha. I just want to start massaging them and wearing cute things! I went bikini shopping yesterday and all the cute ones were waaay to small for me still :-(
  9. It's the worst when my wardrobe doesn't fit me ATM with a bra on because I am so swollen. Cannot stand torpedo boobs. How long does it last and when will they drop into their little spot? :-)
  10. Thank you, I will give them a call :-) the big mumma bra really hurts my drain holes and my Anna bra is so much more comfortable and doesn't make my boobs look so cone like!!
  11. When can we change into our own post op bra? I've changed into my Anna carefix because the one the hospital have me was getting really uncomfortable.. I haven't been given the all clear yet tho. Is it bad to change into my carefix one?
  12. I am still hating sleeping up right. I am a tummy sleeper so this is all so annoying. I go to lie on my side and even that hurts so back to an upright position straight away :-(
  13. thank you ☺ Good luck for next month. Dr. B is great!!
  14. the drain sites hurt the most as well as my muscles on top of my boob but mainly the drain sites so far. I haven't had any feelings like a tummy bug. More have been dizzy when standing up for too long. I have finally been out of the hotel since surgery and has such a nice dinner tonight! On the way up from recovery☺️
  15. it feels like it is oh the side of your boob on each side x
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