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  1. I would love your nose! Mine has a nice big bump on it that turns witchy when I smile- but only on one side! Haha. There is nothing wrong with yours, not too big, not too small, not bumpy, not wide...how I would expect an after rhino pic to be! Honest to god opinion. I had my heart set on nose surgery but now that I'm nearly 24, I couldn't care less. I can't see it anyway haha!
  2. mine came two weeks before
  3. Couldn't find anything negative at all, so I had my ba with him on the 2nd! Couldn't fault his service, consult, surgery, anything! So happy with my results, they are perfect
  4. something to keep you happy and laughing, like big bang!
  5. Cost all depends on what size you go and who you go to. It can be as low as 5,000-8,000 in Aus and as high as $15,000 + Depends if you need a lift too. I had mine at PIAC in phuket at it was just under 4.500 and I have a friend who had them done in Aus and it cost $12,000 I saw Dr Boonchai, got 325cc in my left, 350cc round silicone textured mentors, under muscle Ask what implants will achieve the look you're after
  6. Good luck today giross. When you feel lonely if you can go get a spoil, like a lovely meal, hair, nails, massage, relax by a pool etc. changes it from loneliness to me time
  7. Normal swishing, gurgling etc all part of the package! Just keep an eye on it if it doesn't go away. The body will usually absorb it but in some cases people need help for drainage.
  8. Big shock ! She said she would call me before my trip, guess that's why I had no call! I found tammy and nikki in phuket absolutely wonderful! So helpful, kind, organised and fantastic customer service!
  9. Personal trainer with controlled diet (e.g calorie counting). My best friend lost 15kg in 12 weeks doing a The Biggest Loser program at the local gym. She had to lose weight before her breast reduction and lift. If there's a program you can join e.g. Michelle Bridges 12 weight body transformation, they help a lot too
  10. Mine: Makeup wipes Laxatives (only took them twice but hallelujah) Loose button up tops Liners (lots of spotting after surgery) iPad Plus my partner who kept me safe, strong and sane!
  11. I went through somnio, found one of the ladies from Aus I had to chase a couple of times but other than that I would recommend them.
  12. Look at Bangkok surgery big mistake, it's in this forum. Donatella bumped it. Just a few topics down from this.
  13. Butterfly, why not tell us where you are looking at going and we will recommend based on our experiences? I went with Dr Boonchai at PIAC and there are a few girls on here who went with him for what you're looking for and haven't seen a bad result yet.
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