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  1. Can I ask what the rough cost is for Dr Tavakoli?
  2. MrsGreatfull00 I've been very interested in Dr M. Would love to know if you don't mind sharing what the surgery cost is? It's a huge factor in my decision, although I don't think I could go wrong with Dr M as all his work looks amazing! Are you getting teardrop? Thanks!
  3. Hi Ladies, Finally revisiting options for BA. Looking for recommendations in Melbourne and approx costs involved. Looking to get teardrop. I'm 160cms and 55kgs. Currently a deflated 10B. Before breastfeeding was a 10D. Looking to get back to a full 10D. Thanks!
  4. Anyone with bad credit history get approved with Mac credit?
  5. This looks interesting. I might have to contact them. Surgeons any good does anyone know? Deposit needed?
  6. Thanks hun. I've got a bad credit rating from past mistakes having depression sucks. It's nice to have people to vent to that understand what I'm going through. Obviously a BA isn't the be all or end all of life for me. But I know it would dramatically improve my self confidence and my motivation. Hoping I can crack down and save and thank you for the ideas ladies! Xx
  7. Thanks ladies! It makes me feel a little better to know I'm not the only one jinx369. Still though with this issue among other things from the last few days I've totally sent myself into a depressive episode. For those who don't have depression you might think me quite silly. Unfortunately it's the small things like this that can set someone like me off. Hoping it passes soon. Was trying to budget earlier in the day and just not being successful so far hoping for a better day tomorrow.
  8. Thanks so much Bec Bec. Its super hard being a single mum. I used to have reasonable size boobs (small D cup) before having a baby and have always been petite. But after BF for 10 months I literally have nipples left and barely fill an A cup. Super self confidence hit.
  9. So I haven't been around in a while but still having the same issues with being depressed about not being able to afford a BA. I think going away over new years and being in a bikini really upset my state of mind as I just feel completely inadequate. Really wishing for a miracle as I really need a boost to the self confidence. The last few days home from holiday have been so depressing. Trying to find any way to finance my BA. Sorry for the downer post. Just feeling like no one understands why I want this so much.
  10. Oh ok awesome. Well I think I'm going to have to give myself a good 6 months or so to save. So I'll be going for winter Boobies now!
  11. Ok so I'm the newbie who is going to ask the question.. What are furry brazilians?
  12. Awesome thanks ladies! I find this forum so helpful! So when you say warmer weather isn't ideal for implants? What does that mean exactly?
  13. Hi Ladies, So I'm considering booking in with TCI as they are a cheaper option, and from what I see from their gallery, they would be willing to go a slightly larger size than the other surgeon I have seen. Previous surgeon recommended 295-330cc under the muscle teardrop. I'm hoping for a more fuller size. And if TCI recommended a teardrop I would still go with that. Just interested in a second opinion. I'm wanting to look similar to the lady in my profile pic. The cheaper cost means I MAY be able to convince my mumma to take out the credit for me! *fingers crossed* So my questions are, How long did you have to wait for surgery at TCI? (as I'm rather impatient I would prefer a BA before the end of the year, pending funds) And which Dr would you recommend? I know there are many. Unsure of who's best (if any) Thank you ladies! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!
  14. Thanks so much ladies! I think I might get a second opinion on the size and shape. I'm feeling a bit YOLO too and I think I've found a pic of what I'd like to look like and it's def not 330cc teardrop! Lol. I'm going to try my hardest to clear my credit rating and save. Then I may borrow some to pay for them. I'm slightly obsessed! Thanks for all your advice and reassurance! Xx
  15. I think you are right Serena90. Its hard as I'm really REALLY impatient. But I'll feel better if I'm not in debt. AGAIN.
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