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  1. Hi Sunrise, obviously a big decision and congratulations!! if these are the two surgeons you are considering I would most definitely Go with Lee Brown.... all the best 😀
  2. Hi there, I'm in a similar situation only I had a BL and BA in the one procedure. It's been 7 months and the last month or so I've felt the same as you...thinking of going back to my surgeon, just worried about what this will cost if I have to have more surgery 😁😁😁
  3. no definitely not ok on acne...what I have is a possible reaction to the local anaesthetic and is not acne.......I am one month post op....good luck.
  4. Hi Girls, same prob here...not only are the locked away in the granny bra but the little you can see is spotty!!! The nurse said when your under, the anaesthetist injects some pain blockers via a number of injections in that area and it's possibly a reaction to that anaesthetic. She suggested bepanthen (a cream used for nappy rash and tattoo healing!) my god I just want to have all the tape and bra etc done with!!! 😁😘
  5. hi there, my stats are exactly the same...so hard to decide...I am almost 2 weeks PO and from what I can see at this stage 450cc HP rounds are perfect! Well I hope so 😉👌
  6. hi youngbub, the exact same thing happened to me! 6 days out and got tonsillitis...I started antibiotics straight away and told my GP the circumstances. I also phoned both the anaesthetist and my surgeon and all went ahead yesterday with no problems at all. Their main concern was my comfort. Don't panic you will most likely go ahead 😘
  7. Hello girls! 7 hours PO and feeling really good...I have to admit the endone has a lot to do with it as well as a few cups of tea and bickies! I was quite sore and nauseous when I came to but the nurses addressed that straight away. Had a really horrible moment after getting up to go to the bathroom the first time but since then have been fine. Its strange not being able to see "the boobies"....bandaged up so tightly they just feel heavy. Its great to be able to share this with you guys as in not telling everyone. 😘😘😘
  8. Getting nervous now...one more sleep! Picked up all my drugs yesterday - wow!! I don't think I'll feel a thing taking this lot! It's all a bit overwhelming today...😘
  9. Lol!!! After I had my c-section I tried my best to get a repeat script of endone ....no luck...it really helped with not only the pain but also the mother in law!!!! Panadol....I'm impressed 😉👌
  10. Sounds like you're doing really well BrizzyGal0994! It's funny how you can feel better after stopping the endone etc...although it is pretty awesome stuff lol!!
  11. oh god!!! I haven't had one yet but I will I'm sure...I think it's the uncertainty, like having a baby and wondering what they'll look like lol!!!!!
  12. Thanks MaisieF 😘 glad to hear you're not experiencing any nausea...rest well x
  13. thank you! Unbelievable timing 😣 😘
  14. well I started antibiotics last night and they have said to call Monday to let them know how I'm feeling....their main concern was if it there was a chest infection. Rest rest rest!!! Oh with two children lol!!!
  15. I can't believe it...I've got tonsillitis!!! 6 days before surgery...not ok 😖😥
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