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    Tuberous Breast Deformity correction - Straight Aug on the left 560cc HP round, areola lift 520cc HP round right.
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    17th November Dr Eddy Dona
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    160cm 76kg 12B
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    Nail artist
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    Working out, reading, mum of 2 boys 7 & 4yrs

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  1. So far I have to say the pillow under your knees for sleeping and frozen peas have been life savers!!! I am currently sitting on the lounge at 4am with peas on as I keep jumping in my sleep ( I'm a tummy sleeper not a back sleeper) and this time I managed to hit myself in the chest when I jumped
  2. I have boobs!!!! Surgery was at 8:30am yesterday morning and I was home by 3pm ( including a 2hr drive). I'm feeling good, tight and have a lot of swelling but I'm keeping up with my pain meds so it's really been ok so far . Dr said I would be a 'very endowed girl' so I'm really excited to see what size I end up! I have 560cc in my left with crease incision and 520cc in my right with areola incision and slight lift, round high profile silicone implants. Also, any suggestions to bring down the swelling? I think I used my arms too much yesterday and made it worse. I have been using icepacks but would love to hear what worked for you ladies and how long for it to reduce.
  3. I could use wine lol or maybe a Valium. I can't believe its tomorrow!!! Thanks for the well wishes girls! See you on the other boobie side!!!
  4. Hospital just called!! I'm first Monday at 7:45am, I'm getting so excited!!!!
  5. My ops on Monday with Dr Eddy Dona. So nice to have some similar! When and with who is yours?
  6. I was turned away from the TCI too because I have tuberous breasts. I didn't know at the time and booked my surgery and everything. The Dr I saw said he could possibly do it because he likes a challenge (OMG!) but the thought that the skin on my sternum was lifting and would need re attaching. I was devastated. I have since seen two PS and I am so glad now I am not going to the TCI! Both PS said no prob with the skin on my chest. I ended up going with Dr Dona because I was really happy and comfortable with him, he didn't make me feel ugly like the two Drs before him and he was within my price range. The first PS was going to be $19000. TBD is a more complicated procedure and you would not want the TCI doing it as they do not have the facility or the skills to do it correctly. You may also be able to claim through your health insurance if your procedure is approved by Medicare. I was lucky enough that mine was which surprised my Dr as he thought I was borderline. So now I will get money back after surgery. Shop around, you'll be happy you did.
  7. I just updated my stats in my profile. I'm 160cm, 76 kg and currently a 12b. I have a wide chest so that's why we chose bigger. I just find the number a little daunting. I'm trusting it will be fine
  8. Thanks so much to all the ladies who have shared their experiences. I have just been reading through the feed and was actually holding my breath when I got to Cricket and her sore breast! I was so glad it was nothing and surgery went well! My surgery is on Monday and I've been freaking out a little. I have tuberous breasts so my surgery is a little more complicated than a standard BA. One breast is bigger than the other so I'm having different size implants. My surgeon has suggested 560cc for the smaller one and 520cc for the bigger one. I'm also a little worried about the size because the cc's sound big compared to most others. I'm sure it will all be fine and I'm just over thinking it. I would love to hear if any other ladies are having larger implants.
  9. Hey girls, I'm booked on the 17th Nov with Dr Eddie Dona. He has recommended 520cc left and 485cc right round under muscle. I'm going in on Friday for my pre op appointment and will confirm the size as I'm worried they might be a bit big.
  10. Hey guys. I haven't been on for a while but thought I'd better update. I had to cancel my surgery that was planned for the 1st of oct as I wasn't a suitable candidate for TCI. I have since seen 2 plastic surgeons and am now booked in with Dr Dona on nov 17. I wish all you oct ladies well and will be reading about all your experiences in prep for mine.
  11. I'm at the Parramatta clinic. I'll let you guys know how it goes seeings as I'm first!
  12. Hi ladies! I'm also on the 1st of oct. Mine is with Dr Duong at the TCI. My consult is on the 2nd of sept which can't come fast enough!! I have a bunch of friend who have had theirs done at the TCI and have awesome results.
  13. I'm also booked with Dr Duong on the 1st oct but my consult is not till sept 2. Would love to hear how your consult goes BreezKT.
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