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  1. Yup, just had BA 4 days ago in PIAC & can definitely vouch that the level of care, facilities etc has been amazing! I am so happy with my decision to come get it done here... & I too did not come here for financial reasons! I knew I was seeing an experienced professional whilst having a break from the usual grind back home! As another person mentioned... Work can't hassle u & it's a better environment to recover in with far less stress! I've treated this trip as as a holiday! I love Thailand!!!!!!!
  2. Good issue you raised! I also have similar concerns as rice sizers in the size surgeon has suggested, I felt, kinda make me actually look bigger than I am... As in made my torso look shorter so I look kinda stocky &... Fuller I guess the word I'm looking for. I'm quite tall & slim with small b size atm & too also just want enough to look good in clothing... Without boobs taking over! It's a fine line id say!
  3. Thank you for writing this post! Have been so flat out with work & kids that time just got away with us & now in under a week I'm flying off! Woah where did the time go!! So just printed off ur list & now I feel somwhat prepared! Haha Now to actually start packing!
  4. Were 23rd April, Dr Narupon at PIAC
  5. 23rd April with Dr Narupon! Waiting for someone to start an April 2015 role call.... lol ... I'd do it myself but don't want the responsibility or keeping it up to date. Have a lot on in my day to day life with husband barely ever home & my 3 boys.. 5 & under!!! This trip will be my first time away with just my husband in over 6 years!!!! Woohoo Cannot wait!!!!!
  6. I have booked direct with PIAC and thus far have found the process so straight forward. They answered all my questions promptly so I have had no reason thus far to use a company! Personally I would probably only use a company if your really uneasy with idea of contacting them yourself or are travelling alone!
  7. Yeah DaisyDuke, I can understand that. I too wouldn't be keen to have my pics broadcast either so can appreciate others feeling same way. Just surprised they haven't done a set up like TCI's FB page where ppl are posting their results on their frequently. Surely someone would have aready suggested this to them! And I have no doubt they are flat out.. they have a good reputation & I haven't had any issues whatsoever with them in regards to answering questions or providing info/pics. Booking with them was a breeze
  8. Yeah we're in wa aswell But going overseas for BA
  9. Sent you a FR Masaki90, hope that's ok as would love to see your results as I too looking into lipo.
  10. Following this thread... I too am considering lipo on thighs, quoted for VASER Lipo & trying to see if it's worth it?? Can't find all that much on it thus far photo wise so if do go ahead please update this post as would love to know your thoughts
  11. Yeah you would think with the amount of ppl going there to have BA on a regular basis that there would be more photos etc. Even l signed up for Instagram thinking their would be more pics but looks like it's just the same girls on website & FB.
  12. Thanks Daisy Duke, think your right I'm just stressing about it all! And thankyou Missloz.. so relieving & nice to hear more positives with Dr Narupon. I think I originally picked him ages ago as read good things and I too liked the results of his I did see.. its only been the past few months that I started umm and Arr ing as seems less popular atm for whatever reason. Am going to stick by my decision.. for the time being anyway.. until my next freak out!
  13. Have sent you a FR if that's ok.
  14. Yeah Dee Envy, I have to agree. Not 100% of ppl can be happy...! Just second guessing myself at the moment I think, just wish PIAC could supply more pics than just a few a week post op. Would be good if on their FB site ppl could submit their pics etc like some others do. I know they have a few girls on their by each DR but would be good if they were updated to be more current ppl. I guess cos I also selected a surgeon at random I kinda worry if I have the right one for me... even though I have only read & seen great things/results about each one! Boonchai & Rushapol seem very popular! Guess I'm just bound to live in anticipation till the day arrives... 6 months feels like a long time!
  15. Good tips and advice Also considering overseas so would be leaving my 3 youngsters in their nannas care so that hubby can come with me (His idea.. originally it was other way around lol) Will be interesting to see what I come home to after being away!
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