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  1. I had overs done 10 months ago. I wasnt sure about it when my surgeon suggested it but it was the best decision.
  2. Haha. No pain at all i was just so scared because i could feel so much pressure and they were so spuashed on that bed That i thought I might be damaging them.
  3. Thats good information thank you gabby1
  4. Hey guys sorry if this is a stupid question. I went for a thai massage and the lady was full on walking on my back putting a lot of pressure on boobs (whole weight ) it didn't hurt!!! My question is how much is too much pressure on the boobs? I don't want to damage them. 445cc texture implant silicone
  5. You can get a card called "passport waallet" get it from flight centre. I think the card costs $30
  6. Hi lisamt i was like that from the start of my surgery because i had really tight skin to start of with mine went down at about 6-8 weeks and was normal at aboit 12 weeks. It was so scary as i thought i was going to get mono boob. Can ypu attach pictures?
  7. Yes all good i havr approved let me know if you have any questions
  8. Also boobs in my profile are at 4 months i think
  9. Hi mayflower i have heaps of photos send me a friend request so you can see
  10. You can fr me im a mansoor mirkazemi girl and you can have a look at the pics
  11. Hi mayflower my dr is mansoor mirkazemi and im 8 months post op and couldnt be hapier he is the best in my opinion. He is a perfectionist. Just a heads up with dr Mansoor he will strongly suggest what he believes and what he thinks about what you should do (size implant type etc) you have to either trust him or go with another surgeon.
  12. I have to disagree *kris10* caterpillar is warning other about the research she has done and also she is sharing her own story. If anybody finds that wrong it'd as simple as not answering or not following the topic. I personally have done my BA and am now 7 months post I have nothing to do with Thailand surgeons, but when I come across (bad) stories I post them here to warn others. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you have no right to start up fights for somesomething that caterpillar is trying to educate people and maybe even save some people from Russian roulette like Don says.
  13. Dr mansoor Is amazing. He only recommends what you need and he is a perfectionist. I am 7 months post op. he will also be honest with you.
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