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    Surgery with Dr. Layt on 11 February 2015. Allergan Natrelle 410 anatomical implants - 295 on left breast and 280 on right to correct slight asymmetry.

    Pre-op: 10A, post-op: 10D/8DD.
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    Dr Layt
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    27 years of age, 169cm, 55kg, pre-op 10A, post-op 10D
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  1. Mine absolutely felt weird and foreign to me at first and for quite a long time I'd say! Especially in the beginning when you're checking them all the time, getting used to the extra weight/shape, changing silistrips and constantly checking the scars. A few years later and I often totally forget I have breast implants though.
  2. Yep I did a few years ago and he was amazing! I had my ears pinned back with him in my late teens as well. :) He's very highly regarded in the field and educates other surgeons.
  3. Hey everyone, so I finally went to LCA to get a consultation for my lips. I really loved the injector there and saw some of her photos and thought her work looked really natural/high quality. I like the shape of my lips currently and don't want to go too extreme - I just want to give them a little extra oomph and fullness so she suggested doing just half a ml of filler. The only thing is, it's still the same price - $389. Do you think I should go ahead, or should I look around at other options? I've heard LCA is priced really competitively so perhaps this is best. Let me know your thoughts, thanks girls! X
  4. In a similar position but am not married to my SO/don't have joint accounts so am just planning to go ahead haha... And I know he'll like the end result. Guys just seem to have these weird ideas of people getting fillers all ending up with massive duck lips in their minds. Can anyone tell me where to go to find good pictures of natural looking results? Thank you so much!
  5. That's good to know, thank you. Sorry to hijack - I'm interested in this too! Do you know if Jen is good at doing natural looking fillers? I'm really wanting a natural look...or do you think it's always gonna look kind of unnatural? I'm really paranoid about my mouth not moving in a natural looking way.
  6. Hey Brookelle, Sorry to revive an old post but I'm getting my lips injected and love the shape of yours. I'm just wondering if you have any before photos? Guessing you had quite a lot more lip to start with that I do haha. <3
  7. Hey everyone, I'm wanting to get lip fillers for the first time! I'm after as natural result as possible...basically wanting to mostly keep my lip shape but plump them up a bit. Does that sound realistic? Would also love any advice on what injectable product I should get getting/how much to get and any other advice on where I should be asking to get it injected etc. I'd also love to know if anyone has been to Concept Cosmetic Medicine in Sydney? Here's some photos of my lips at the moment. Thanks so much!!!
  8. So true elleg. Some people are probably curious as they're wanting to do it themselves! That's so brave of that woman. I wonder how I can be more like that hehe. Omg what a nasty person! It's crazy how some people just don't show any tact at all with things like this... I would NEVER ask someone... especially not like that and not someone I don't know super well. I guess that's why I get shocked when people are like that and I am super nervous about being on the receiving end of that. That's so great that you're happy now though and don't care what people think anymore!!! I really need to get to that stage haha!!! I couldn't agree more... I don't like that phrase at all either because it does sound so belittling.
  9. That's how I feel too! And it's hard to explain, cuz my implants are not very big...I think for me it was just the adjustment from having nothing there and also because I've always been a very thin person. I feel like I can't get away with having any excess flesh on me now and toning up is something I'm really working on at the moment. Whereas before my surgery, I think I looked very thin more easily! I think if you're naturally a small framed/thin person to start with, having really big implants could make you feel big. I've always been a very small person and did competitive sport for years in a type of sport where I had to have a tiny physique. Sometimes my boobs do make me feel a little bigger even though my implants are really modestly sized. Close to my surgery, I also started thinking about whether I should be going bigger but I'm glad my mum and surgeon talked me out of it. I had already upsized a bit from the original plan and after reading about people regretting not going bigger, I started thinking I should too. It all comes down to the look you want. For me, having something proportional to my body and not too noticeable was the aim of the game. I wanted to still be able to dress the same as I always have but also feel confident/sexy when wearing a bikini or something low cut. For others, having a big look with wow-factor is the goal. It really depends on each individual person. I think it all just depends on your figure to begin with, and what is proportional for you.
  10. I actually sold quite a lot on eBay! I had a lot of really expensive ones from nice designers as spending money on lingerie was how I made myself feel better about my lack of boobs, pre op haha. The rest that didn't sell or weren't new enough to sell, I gave to one of my friends! She was super stoked and still cracks jokes about how she hasn't had to buy new bras ever.
  11. SO true HXC. We spend all this money for a reason. The whole point was to be able to feel confident in a bikini, low cut tops etc.!
  12. Just give it time - trust me!!! Your boobs are going to look so different. I wanted to go with a bigger implant after reading through stuff on here and in my last consult, I talked with my surgeon about going bigger. He and my mum THANKFULLY talked me out of it. I don't know why your surgeon said you weren't the right candidate for 330cc but for me, I have not a lot of natural tissue + really tight skin/muscles from years of competitive gymnastics. Trust in your surgeon as they really do know their stuff. In the days following the surgery, I kept freaking out, waking up thinking I'd made a horrible mistake etc. and over time my boobs changed so much. I think you're going to be really happy with your result, just give it some time. It's actually crazy how much they change - just looked back over my old post surgery day photos and my boobs look so tiny and weird compared to how they look now. They're going to look awesome, have faith!
  13. Looking so good already! I have 295 in one side, 280 in the other and anatomicals. I think from memory, one side is moderate plus and one side is moderate as I had slight asymmetry. From your photo looks like you're starting with a bit more natural tissue than me. But if you want to get an idea of how yours might start to look over time, feel free to add me. I'm sure yours will look even better - I started with almost no natural tissue and had super tight skin/muscles from years of competitive sport (old and retired now tho hehe) and wanted a really natural look so went with smaller. Also my boyfriend didn't know they were fake until I told him!
  14. That's so great!!! What a good way to just casually get it out in the open. Well done. I like that philosophy - being confident so that people have no reason to be talking behind your back etc. Maybe I can try and bring this up in a similar way with the friends I'd like to tell. Thanks so much for the lovely advice, I really appreciate it!!! Pink Butterfly, I think we had ours done around the same time. I remember maybe speaking with you on here or seeing your posts. I'm so happy it has worked out for you and I'm so happy you have given yourself this well deserved gift. So true that the people who may judge aren't worth the energy too. That's very wise advice, thank you. The other thing is that I didn't mention initially... I had a really awful experience with this disgusting pig of a guy I used to live with saying stuff about my bust after I got it done... I think he must have seen some paperwork or something (I accidentally left some stuff on a bookshelf once) cuz we lived in totally different parts of this big uni share accomodation and didn't really have much to do with each other so it's not like he ever saw a lot of me... anyway he used to say really gross stuff like "I've noticed your bust looks a lot bigger" etc. and it was like he was trying to get me to tell him. He used to say stuff like that in front of this guy I used to study with and it used to make me feel sooo uncomfortable. So I think having that experience has also contributed in a big way to making me feel uncomfortable about telling people. He was so seedy and he just made me feel yuck by saying that kind of stuff. When he said that stuff I would just kind of laugh it off and say something like "oh maybe I've gained weight," as I definitely didn't feel comfortable disclosing my surgery to him and I was so embarrassed that he would say that kind of stuff in front of my study buddy... I felt like he was almost trying to force me to tell him I'd had the surgery by saying that stuff. And then it just sort of set me up for this pattern of not wanting to disclose it to people after that/not wanting people to see as I was so paranoid about which other students he may have told etc. and was paranoid that other people would confront me about it. No one ever did though and thankfully I don't live there anymore so don't have anything to do with this guy or people he knew. So true Misstons! I know of one other girl in my friendship circle (not a close friend though) who has them. So there could be more of us I'm sure! That's awesome. And so nice you felt comfortable telling your student buddies. I'm going to try and feel more comfortable in telling people too.
  15. Hey Kaleidoscope_Eyes (I love this screen name by the way!!!) thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful an kind reply... I'm really grateful. I feel like I talked about the procedure too much with the friends I told when I had it and hate bringing it up and boring them with talking about it again with them haha... so it is really, really nice to have this forum as a sounding board for women who've had similar experiences. I'm pretty close to your age - not far off 28 - and know exactly what you mean about caring more about what people think when you're younger... I made the decision to have the surgery pretty young and it's been a couple of years now and I just don't feel the same about wanting to keep it top secret at all costs like I did then. I want to be able to be more open and honest if people ever ask me. A friend-of-a-friend who I didn't know super well at the time asked a friend ages back if I'd had surgery. She was curious cuz she herself has a big bust naturally but finds hers drop a little (as natural busts do!) and noticed that my boobs were big-ish for my frame (they're not huge but I'm a slim person) when we were at the beach but were still perky HA HA... anyway my friend denied it out of loyalty to me... and since then I've become really close with the girl who asked and I still feel a bit awkward knowing that she asked about this and my friend lied about it for me. I think people like this girl who naturally have a big bust, and know how a big bust naturally sit, would probably guess that my boobs are fake and I reckon it could happen again in the future. The other time I feel awkward is it plastic surgery or boobs come up in conversations.. and I just kind of sit there awkwardly going red not knowing whether to speak up or just sit there quietly haha. And in those situations, I feel like if I say something and join a conversation about boob jobs, but don't admit that I've had one, it feels like I'm being dishonest... even if I don't actually talk about myself or deny anything. I'd just like to feel like I can be more open and comfortable and join the conversation in those types of situations. Anyway thank you so much for the perfect advice. You're exactly right - I don't want to come across as being dishonest by pretending that I've just naturally got these boobs haha. So maybe I will do exactly that and not openly start declaring it but if people ask, I'll just tell and maybe even if I see a friend looking curiously (and I definitely can relate to this too!!!) then I'll also just tell them.
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