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  1. I stayed at the Ban thai Beach Resort and booked through Booking.com and saved 30% for booking early. As well as free wifi and a complimentary thai dinner set for 2. trip advisor is my best friend i did ask facebook friends as well and several suggested the ban thai. It's in the perfect location and i loved everything about it.
  2. No question is a dumb question Yeah it's not on the departure card but you're meant to notify the airline because 'if' something did happen to you mid air, your law suit would not be valid because it wasn't cleared by the airline. When i was checking my bags in they asked me to lift my luggage but i said i just had to wait for my partner to do it for me. Then during conversation they just asked how my holiday was and if it were a honeymoon. I joked and said, no no, some holiday and i got new boobies. She instantly changed and was like "ohhh you have document? otherwise you may not flight". Lucky I had something that showed I had surgery and the airline got the ok. Also me opening my mouth which gave me a little scare. I haven't really stopped since my surgery, had rest while in Phuket but when I got home it was straight back into work. It doesn't even feel like anything now and the discomfort feeling has now gone yay! xxx
  3. It's natural to feel nervous, it's such a major thing we are choosing to put our bodies through and we all experience it differently, but once they're settled and the tough part is over, you'll be absolutely in love. Dr Piyapas is a wonderful man who has dedicated his life to making women beautiful, he said that this is what he was born to do. Good luck with your surgery and have an amazing time xx
  4. Ps- I did have spaces in my paragraphs, no idea what happened so apologies if this is all hard to read x
  5. I have just arrived back home after having breast revision and bigger implants put in. I've posted my previous story as to what happened with my last surgery which you'll be able to find in my profile posts. I went through an Australian cosmetic tour group for my surgery at Bangkok Hospital Phuket with Dr Piyapas. Going in I had no idea what size I could potentially go as I wasn't able to try on the implants like you normally would in your consultation. So what I did was put the implant in the middle of my chest and turned to the side to see how much projection it would have. My implants at the time were 345cc and my desired outcome would be to have more projection and hopefully a cleavage as they sat very far apart. I was very shocked when Dr Piyapas first suggested 500cc but then went on to say 550cc. He explained that in order to achieve the outcome I was hoping for I would at least need to go 500cc as 450cc is really only a shot glass more and would be more wider and not so much projection. He then showed me all the implants to compare 350, 400, 450, 500 and 550. Dr Piyapas is quite conservative and he understood exactly what I wanted, I trusted in him that his decision was the right one and was happy to go ahead with his choice. He wasn't sure whether I would end up with 500 or 550cc as my skin is quite thin, I would find out when I wake up. I understand why he is nicknamed 'Prince Charming', he truly is a gentleman and shows so much care towards his clients. I arrived in Phuket on Friday night the 12th September and my surgery was on Tuesday 16th which was lucky because I got really sick in the lead up to going away. Departure was Wednesday 24th and during this time I had 2 follow ups. My surgery went very well, my room was massive with a sofa bed for my partner to stay on, a lounge chair, wifi, small kitchen area, safe, seating area and my own bathroom. Going into surgery I became emotional and cried, the nurses were so sweet and wiped my tears away, reassuring me that everything will be ok. When Dr Piyapas came in he held my hand and was stroking my arm till the anaesthetic kicked in. When I woke up the first thing I did was yell out "what size did I get?!" The nurse ran over to make sure I was ok then showed me my information sheet that read "550cc". Haha awesome! Then I fell back asleep and remember being wheeled back to my room. All of a sudden I had this metal taste in my mouth, it started watering then BAM..I vomited. Lucky it was all just clear fluid and the nurses had a bucket near by. They even held a water bottle with a straw to my mouth to keep me hydrated. Throughout the night the nurses came in every so often to check on me, each time they would explain what they were doing so you didn't feel like your space was being invaded. Because I was so out of it it wasn't a bothersome at all when they came into my room. The next morning Dr Piyapas came to see me to remove my drains. This is what I was dreading the most as last time it hurt like a bi*c#!!!! It's not the most pleasant feeling and they made a weird sound as they came out, like when a kettle reaches boiling point. I may have yelped for a few seconds but that was the worst of it. I was allowed to check out at 11am and the hospital organises all your drop offs and pick ups. I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received, their level of professionalism is incredible and the facilities are in my opinion, much more better than here in Australia. Obviously each individuals experience can differentriate but having experienced both Australia and overseas surgeries, I wish I went abroad the first time and didn't waste my money. Alot of people were concerned 550cc was going to be 'too big', but it really does show that everyones body is different and they're perfectly in proportion with my body as I am quite tall and have hips and a booty. Also, it shouldn't matter other people think. I've realised that alot of people form opinions which can be negative and it's purely because they haven't been educated on the procedure. It's the same as a diet, what works for one person may not work for another. I'm recovering really well and don't have any pain, after I was released from hospital I walked to the next street of my hotel to have some lunch. It's more discomfort than anything where the incision is (under my crease). At the hospital I bought healing cream for my scars which I can start using once the wound has closed up. This cost about $100 AUS. TIP: Make sure you request a medical cerificate from your surgeon to take on the plane home with you otherwise you wont be allowed to fly home, this is an airline condition and is very important. I hope this is helpful to some of you and if there is anything I can assist with, please don't hesitate to inbox me Goodluck with all your research ladies, i've loved reading all your stories xx
  6. Thanks Big Booty i thought i did that. Must have had a brain fart moment
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and thought I would share my previous experience and my new plans for the future. It's coming up to my 4 year anniversary of having my BA done by Dr Chan in Perth. Starting out I was barely an 'A' cup, I didn't even need to wear a bra so having surgery was like stuffing a chicken! I got 345cc half under the muscle with the incision under the crease. Recovery for me was awful, I was bed ridden, got post op blues and felt like I had been hit by a truck. Going into my consultations I couldn't stress enough that all I wanted was a cleavage, at not one point was I informed that this was highly unlikely due to my bone structure and not having any tissue or fat to work with and the skin will be stretched enough as it is. But just as I was about to go into theatre and was an emotional wreck, he said "and just so you know there will be a gap between your breasts because of where your nipples sit", then I was whisked away under anaesthetic. Months after the healing went down I noticed my right boob would be completely flattened when I layer down and half hang into my armpit. I thought I was being paranoid but knew something wasn't right as my left one sat perfect, the right one you can stick your finger into the pocket and in photos it looks like it's being pulled downwards if I am not in the right bikini. The whole point of getting implants was so I didn't have to wear 'chicken fillets' and boosters anymore, but I have still continued to buy these to ensure they are pulled together nicely for photoshoots. Just after 1 year I raised my concerns with Dr Chan and had another consultation, he brought up my 3 week post op photos and said "oh yes you can see here that the right breast had already began to drag to the side". Ok, so why hadn't he picked this up in my 3 week check up because it then could have been fixed under the warrantee but because it had passed 1 year i'd still have to pay a minimum $3000 to have this fixed. I was just angry now because I wasted 15k on something I was not happy with and could have been prevented if the pocket was stitched properly. I didn't want to give him any more of my money. When I was 11 my mum had hers done by Dr Chan so that's why I went to him, obviously since then things are more advanced and the silicone had deflated so it was time for her to get new ones which she did in 2013. Mum is very tall, board shoulders and could go way bigger than what she had previously but Dr Chan only wanted to offer her 2 options. She asked to see more but he insisted the sizes on offer and so in her surgeon she trusted. Months past and they're the same damn size that she very first had, after many 'discussions' back and forth he admitted he should have shown her more options, that she could have gone bigger and they were the same size as previous. He agreed to do surgery AGAIN which she had at the start of this year I think, she still had to pay but i'm not 100% sure on the agreement or if I should be discussing the details of it. So as it's my 4 year anniversary I decided NEW BOOBS AND A HOLIDAY!!! I wasn't originally booked to go with the September group to Phuket as I am flying solo with my partner, but they have said I can be a part of it as it'll be easier. I'm really excited about it and would love to know which group I can discuss our Sept trip in. I haven't decided on what size to go, don't want to be enormous but I've seen amazing work by Dr Jib and Dr Piyapas who i'm also undecided on. Would love to see any before and after pics if you don't mind sharing. Am happy to answer any questions anyone may have also Sorry it's such a long story but I like to give as much information as possible. xx
  8. I am going in september and staying for 13 nights at Ban Thai Beach resort. For 13 nights it only cost $930, I didnt get it with breakfast as knowing me i wont wake up in time for it. It has amazing reviews on trip advisor and i booked through bookings.com because if you book in advance you save 35%. It also includes a free thai dinner for 2. If i want to add breakfast on any days it'll be $20. If you go directly on the hotles website it's SOOOOO expensive so steer clear xx
  9. I'm the girl to speak to! haha I own 3 suitcases of bikinis. Some of my favourite brands are: *Triangl *Palm Swimwear *Veve Swimwear *Victorias Secret *Sheridyn Swim *Eaupaixvie Swimwear *Rozella Label *Fathom Swimwear *Whitesand and Swim *Gemelli Swimwear *Moani Bikinis *Cacao *Oceanzen *Buzios Bikinis If you have instagram and follow these brands, instgram then suggests similar pages to follow. You'll be on a spree in no time Hope this helps xx
  10. Hi girls, I am going to Phuket with a group surgery company in September for revision BA. (But flying solo and partner is meeting me there). I am still undecided on whether to see Dr Piyapas or Dr Pongsakorn for my surgery. Would love to hear from anyone who has seen either doctor and if you've got photos that would be amazing! Just need something to reference to. I look forward to hearing from you xx
  11. Hi Camille, I have not heard of Dr Lee but I had my BA with Dr Chan a few years ago and my right pocket wasnt sealed properly. My breast now goes into my armpit and I am having revision surgery next month in Phuket. Dr Chan is very lovely and knowledgable, however he is retiring this year and through mine, my mums and friends experience, the after care and attention to detail was not there. At my 3 week check up he should have noticed my breast drifting to the right, but didnt say anything until after my 1 year check up when I raised my concerns with him. Dont let my experience put you off, i'm still happy i had a BA but extremely disaapointed I wasted 15k on something I am not happy with and could have been avoided. I would rather go over seas and have a whole new set for half the price. My story is here: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/user/13559-bikini-addict88/
  12. Hi carollee, Here's the link to my story I uploaded my story last night: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/user/13559-bikini-addict88/ I'm getting revision surgery next month as you can feel the pocket of my right breast. Happy to answer any questions xx
  13. Hi Diva I made my first post last night and got 345cc 4 years ago. Here is the link to my story: Happy to answer any questions you may have x
  14. It's a real shame when you undergo such a major change for YOURSELF that has caused years of heartbreak and insecurity, you're finally happy with yourself but there will always be one or more people who have to have their two cents. I had my BA 4 years ago when my bestie had left to move to the UK and she came back home suddenly because the long distance thing wasn't working with her boyfriend. During the time she was away, her friends were moving on with their lives, back to uni, new job, travelling etc but because they physically couldnt be there for her at the drop of a hat when she wanted, everyone was a bad person in her books. ESPECIALLY ME! My boobs are very natural and I am now in propotion with my hips and booty. She sent me the most awful worded FB msg tearing me to absolute shreds in every possible way because I started doing well in my modelling competitions and got into Miss Universe, doing the things I felt I was finally able to do and wasn't able to before. I have never let the physical change 'go to my head', it has only given me the confidence I had always lacked. She'd say "you're only doing well because you got fake tits", real nice! I'm not going to deny that it's probably is a major factor into the 'sudden success' but you are judged on even proportions and again, I had a new found confidence I was always insecure about. However she wanted laser treatment to remove stretch marks, her labia fixed and other things. She has always been very insecure. I have not spoken to her again since this day, you only need people in your life who will build you up and not bring you down. And anyway, more people have Boobjobs these days than they do bellyrings haha!
  15. Escuse my ignorance as I am new to this forum which I can see myself becoming very addicted to quickly, but was does the PIAC stand for thank you
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