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  1. Certainly the recommendation is to just keep an eye on them. I dont believe any plastic surgeons are still using the two implants that are associated with the highest incidence of ALCL so when the time comes for revision, it should be fine to swap out for a safer implant
  2. We did watch this last night. I wonder what kind of recourse they are looking for.
  3. benelli lift is where they make an incision around the areola, in your case they may intend to remove some of the tuberous tissue that causes the herniation of the nipple. There is a video and more information about this on our procedure page here: https://cosmeticjourney.com/procedures/details/tuberous-breast-deformity/ The surgery perfomed in the explainer video is a benelli lift and illustrates what happens during that procedure. You can see from the footage, there is far more work involved than just performing a breast augmentation with fat grafting. Your quote says possible areola reduction and I suspect this is referring to the benelli lift aspect which at least doubles your time in theatre. Give them a call and follow it up. Id be incredibly surprised if this was not the case
  4. Your definitely quoted for a benelli lift and honestly if Dr Phoon recommends you need this as part of your tuberous correction then you should consider it, otherwise you run the risk of your breasts looking the same as they do now, just bigger. It really cant hurt to have another consult with a plastic surgeon for a second opinion before deciding on the cosmeditour route or not
  5. Your quote is $22,595 - i am almost certain that the possible areola reduction mentioned on your quote is a benelli breast lift and if you dont end up having that done, your fee will be wayyyyy less
  6. I think you should contact the clinic again, I think maybe there is a mistake and it is $12000 all up Unless you are having more work done on top of the fat grafting, your breast augmentation should not cost you more i.e. they have on their website breast augmentation cost is $11k so that plus the fat grafting really should only take it to $13500. I would follow this up and there is likely an error in your quote or your procedure is including a benelli lift. For comparison, tuberous breast correction using implants and fat graft with Dr Tavakoli is under $15k. Check with the clinic on Monday, they are always super helpful and will be able to talk you through your quote. I honestly think it might just be poorly stated and is showing you the fee twice
  7. $17000 sounds like you may be having a benelli lift or some additional procedure along with your correction? It seems like quite a jump from $1000 to $17000 with just fat grafting. I would suggest that an inperson consultation will always trump the opinion given via a photograph. Can you go ahead with an inperosn consultation with cosmeditour and then go from there? Dr Phoon is an amazing surgeon and you will certainly be in good hands and would only offer you advice on what is best for you. I believe that you must be having extensive work done and you might be able to have just an implant but run the risk of being unhappy with the outcome
  8. What about afterpay?? I see Leah at Laser Clinics Australia High Point - she is a nurse injector and one of the very few people I trust completely with my face.
  9. thats great i never understood why they didnt stock bras at the small stores
  10. im 99% sure he doesnt use drains for primary breast augmentations as he developed a spray during surgery which negates the use of drains and significantly lowers the incidence of capsular contracture. I heard him present this at a conference last year and I believe it is about to be published in the plastic surgery journal...cutting edge stuff you will be in good hands certainly
  11. who is your revisions surgeon? Has your surgeon suggested changing to textured implants?
  12. what state are you locaed in and who have you consulted with?
  13. oh we love a food surgery series - thanks for sharing. I would love to see an Aussie botched
  14. Maybe you can order some online to try them out - or just head to chadstone if you are ever in melbourne. Such a big store and it is great being able to see all the products in person.
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