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  1. thats great i never understood why they didnt stock bras at the small stores
  2. Moderator

    Dr Tavakoli thread

    im 99% sure he doesnt use drains for primary breast augmentations as he developed a spray during surgery which negates the use of drains and significantly lowers the incidence of capsular contracture. I heard him present this at a conference last year and I believe it is about to be published in the plastic surgery journal...cutting edge stuff you will be in good hands certainly
  3. Moderator

    Surgery booked for February 21st

    who is your revisions surgeon? Has your surgeon suggested changing to textured implants?
  4. Moderator

    Fat Transfer to breast. Have you had one?

    what state are you locaed in and who have you consulted with?
  5. Moderator

    TV shows on botched surgeries

    oh we love a food surgery series - thanks for sharing. I would love to see an Aussie botched
  6. Moderator

    Where my boobie sisters at?

    Hi Sarah, why are you having revision?
  7. Maybe you can order some online to try them out - or just head to chadstone if you are ever in melbourne. Such a big store and it is great being able to see all the products in person.
  8. upsizing is a personal decision, we all have different tastes etc - if you have had your breasts for that long and feel like upsizing would suit your look and lifestyle then no harm in having a consult and check up at the same time to explore your options
  9. Moderator

    Rotation 😟

    I would only be listening to your own surgeons advice as they did the procedure and may have placed the implant in such a way that it shouldnt be disturbed etc
  10. Moderator

    Goal weight

    thats awful sorry to hear about your experience with your breasts the first time around. I hope it is not the same surgeon others are having complications with.
  11. Moderator

    Goal weight

    wow Cupcake, that is so amazing. Well done. Who are you consulting with?
  12. Moderator

    Do you Fake Tan?

    how to you do your back?
  13. Moderator

    5'7" 145 lbs. Can't decide on size, help!!

    wow your ideal set are great good luck with your surgery. There is a recent thread on here with 500cc implmants
  14. Moderator

    New boobs take 2

    Hi Stemschicky, You are entitled to suffcient aftercare from your surgeon and if you believe this has not occurred you are entitled to make a complaint to the health commission. In WA you can do so here: https://www.hadsco.wa.gov.au/home/