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  1. We haven't had many people on the forum that have had fat transfers for breast augmentation as a stand alone procedure.
  2. That advice depends on your surgeon, some surgeons recommend no surgical bras at all, other recommend 6 weeks, some recommend calvin klein crops etc. The best time for breast surgery is when you have the most time to recover, i.e. school holidays or right before long weekends etc are very popular because you dont need to worry about taking extra time off work, getting kids to school and usually have more help on hand.
  3. I think it depends on if you drive a manual car or not, and whether or not you are on pain medication. Some medication makes it unsafe to drive.
  4. Cupcake this is incorrect. ALL textured implants are linked to ALCL - there has been no reported cases of ALCL with smooth implants. The risk for macro textured implants is significantly higher than micro textured implants though. The numbers keep changing but it is roughly 1: 4000 compared to 1:60,000 for micro textured (https://plasticsurgery.org.au/protecting-patient-safety/bia-alcl/) Ive also seen numbers such as 1:2000 for macro and 1:86000 for macro - i think there is issues with the statistics because of the different brands - you can find more info on the TGA website https://www.tga.gov.au/breast-implant-associated-cancer-or-bia-alcl https://www.tga.gov.au/alert/breast-implants-and-anaplastic-large-cell-lymphoma
  5. Dr Tavakoli did Pia Muehkenbeck's breast augmentation and I believe they are much bigger than a C-D cup. She has 475cc anatomical implants, so even though you think this is a C-D Cup, you might actually be describing more of the DD fuller look. Definitely bring pictures to your consult to show what look you are after. Sam Cunneen and Guy Watts both have lots of reviews on here, try searching in the search bar or view their profiles in the surgeon directory
  6. I think you should investigate what 'recovered' means. Often rapid recovery or flash recovery for breast augmentation refers to things like being able to lift your arms above your head, begin movements and exercises sooner, lack of drains and full mobility etc You may be still recovering from the effects of anaesthesia at 24 hours post op. I think a good indication fo 'recovered' is when you are cleared to drive a car. best of luck
  7. good luck tomorrow
  8. If you are Melbourne based I highly recommend She Science https://shescience.com.au/ https://shescience.com.au/collections/all/products/active-d-classic this bra will lock them down nice and tight - can recommend
  9. You look great and this bikini looks fantastic. You definitely do not look like you have them out there.
  10. Amazing, I am sure you look fantastic. I had a friend who had a similar cut and it suited her so well
  11. oooh im late...what did you choose. I think if you have the facial structure you could pull off the above look but id be tempted to stick it out as you have come this far growing it
  12. sorry to hear this happened to you but very glad you are doing better.
  13. You can read more about PU implants and ALCL here https://www.tga.gov.au/breast-implant-associated-cancer-or-bia-alcl The risk of ALCL with these implants is statistically much greater than with micro textured implants. You may consider doing more research on them. There is a very good chance they will be banned by the TGA as they have proposed on 11th July.
  14. you should be mentally prepared for an explant and know what you are getting into. Explanting can be a very hard mentally and you should consider all your options.
  15. I dont think that anatomcial implants mean that they cannot have lots of upperpole fullness. Have you seen Abby Dowse and Pia Muehlenbeck? They are both had anatomical implants with Dr Tavakoli and are quite full in the upperpole. Anatomcial implants are usually considered less cohesive than rounds
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