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  1. Just looking for some advice. I'm 1.5yrs post opp 350cc under the muscle. I had mine done in Thailand only because I live at home with 4 sisters who all have large boobs and I wanted some without having to wear a proper over the top brands everyday. Anyway so got it done everything went well. I'm a muscular therapist and do a lot of hands on work with clients and am right handed. The past month and a half my right boob has been aching. It's right on the edge of the boob just lower to the middle. And it just aches. I want to go see someone but don't know if I should go to a GP or a surgeon? If going to a plastic surgeon can anyone suggest someone in Melbourne? It hurts to squeeze it sometimes and feels a bit yuk when I lay down and the implant moves. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks girls!!
  2. Hi Curley, I am booked in with Dr P at the end of May, may I ask how you found him? Also the bf and I have just broken up, do you think it is still do-able without a support person?

  3. Thanks for the kind feed back. I know I'm a lot harsher on mine but it's driving me nuts. I'm trying to only where crop tops so the right one isn't being held up but if I wear a singlet or something fitted they look so odd. I must say I take my hat off to every single person who gets a BA. It's bloody hard work in every way possible. Thanks again ladies. It's nice to hear they look half decent from complete stranges. Xx
  4. Hi ladies I'm 6 months post op and originally loved how my boobs were coming along. That was until the lefty started to drop. I'm right handed and am a massage therapist. Each boob looks good as an individual but as a pair they are way off. I've emailed my surgeon who said keep massaging and use a band to help push it down. He sai after 12 months we can get a better understanding of what the right one is doing. Has anyone got any advice on how to get it down??? I want to exercise but don't want to so anything from the hips up as I'm paranoid I'm going to make it tighter.
  5. I was pretty nutty before my BA. Overly sensitive to everything my partner said about me and my body and honestly even things that didn't involve me I was a bit of a fruit. Now 5 months post op I'm still a bit up and down. The few weeks post op was the worst . I got better but every now and then I take things to heart and get myself worked up. I'm sure sometimes they deserve to be yelled at or put in line but I know my partner copped it from me but he was very understanding as he knew I was stressed and worried an I apologised for being a ***** all the time an he was ok with that because I acknowledge my crazy behaviour and I couldn't help it. Hope that helps a bit. You will be fine. X
  6. Hi Ladies, So im having a bit of a freak out at the moment. I had my BA August 12 last year in Thailand. Everything went very well, good recovery great surgeon and (although the right one still has a bit of dropping to do) they look pretty good. I got 325 unders mentor smooth round high profile gels. I was worried as to why one was looser and the right so tight so I emailed the surgeon and he said its still early and i had a particularly tight chest. Im a massage therapist and am right handed so it does get a work out. Any way he said keep massaging and it will loosen just give it a bit of time. Has anyone else had a similar experience with one moving so slow? Now sorry to drag on i noticed a lump on my left breast at the very top and presumed it was just my glands as my breast did pre BA get lumps before my period but this lump seems to be hanging around. I went to my gp today and i told her i am very tired (i had glandular fever in 2014) and thought maybe it was back and then mentioned the lump and how i have implants. She then proceeded to tell me how if the implant has ruptured the silicon in my system can cause me to be very lethargic, which i am. So now i have to have an ultrasound to see if there is a problem and since its only my partner and i who know ive had a BA im freaking out A) something has happened and i might need to have them redone and B ) if there is a problem there is no way of hiding this from my family who would judge me till the cows come home...and we dont even have cows!!! Anyway im a bit of a mess at the moment mortified and yeah I guess hoping you lovely ladies might be able to reassure me or something. Ive added these pics a before, after in a bra and after bare. As you can see my lefty (which has the lump) has moved right on down. Thanks Girls. xxx
  7. First selfie 22 weeks post op. 325cc unders
  8. Thanks for letting us know what happened. My surgeon said obviously take it easy and don't do exercises that involve both per muscles at the same time. He said yeah feel free to to bicep curls ect with a light weight but I was curious as to how I was going to pick up the weight of the stand to use it if that makes sense. I haven't started yet but that's good to know that even a 1 kg can do serious damage so thank you and sorry you had to go through another BA because of it.
  9. Yeah if you wouldn't mind sharing what happened. I got the ok to start running 3 weeks post op as long as I was supper supported so I am curious as well.
  10. Mine are smooth we didn't discuss textured as I wanted smooth and that's we he suggested so I didn't bringing up. Pain wise it's hard to say. I had my surgery at 945 and woke up in recovery three hours later. I didn't really have any pain and barley noticed the drains. The nurses took me to my room I was supper groggy and just remember the nurses coming in every hour or two taking my temperature and blood pressure then would give me all the meds. I felt fine until 9 pm when I needed to go to the toilet. It was hard to get up from laying down but after standing and walking to the loo I felt really nauseous and sweaty. I had to just sit there clinging onto the nurse almost in tears. I hate throwing up but from my research I knew it was a very high possibility yet some how I calmed myself down they walked me my drains and drip back to bed then within 5 mins another nurse was there with an anti nausea injection ( it went in via the drip line) and I was good again. For me days 1-3 were the easiest. My partner came so he helped with everything and I could not have done this solo. Day 4 I had a fair amount of pain got a bit upset as I was bloated it's hot here I felt gross needed him to help dress me cut my food with some things. I don't know if I just over did it the first few days feeling good and pushed my luck but the pain comes and goes. You just have to be carful and do things slow. We went bra shopping on day 5. I brought one for post op with me but after seeing him that morning I felt I needed a better more supportive one. We spent about three hours at the shopping centre and by the time we were done and I had tried a few on I was pretty sore and exhausted! So I wouldnt plan to do too much. After care...dr p said I had to wear my post op bra for three weeks then I can wear an underwire. I was shocked by that and he simply said that the underwire tends to cause pain across the incision ( I had mine via crease) so if I'm feeling good and it doesn't hurt he was fine with it. He showed me the massaging and after doing it a few times I was freaking out I was doing it wrong so I asked him and he said just work in the comfort zone if it hurts don't do it if it's ok not a problem. He said cc develops in less then 5% of his Clients and virtually that comes down to if you massage regularly and if the size is appropriate for your body. I can run at three weeks as long as I am fully supported in the bra and no great amount of bounce. I asked if they bounce does that damage them and he said it was to avoid pain for me. He said to damage them would be pretty hard unless doing chest focused exercise straight up. He said everyone's recovery varies but come 10 months he would see no reason as to why I couldn't do chin ups push ups ect. I will get some pics up soon just waiting till I'm back in Melbourne. I booked to stay in Phuket for two weeks. I thought I was only going to have one post op check but since I'm here for so long he has been happy to book me in two extra times to check on them.
  11. yeah no worries. My weight was 58kg pre op now I'm 60 kg I had a lot of swelling around the rest of my body which is just water retention and the drugs. Honestly I thought just going by what people have said re their cc I would have been around 400+ to get a natural looking d-dd and I was surprised with what he suggested I went in also thinking mod so that changed to. I just trusted him in the end. When I went in to surgery we decided on 300 and he said he would try the 325 and see what was best. The next day when he came to take out the drains he said he put the 300's in but they looked small so he went with 325. I don't consider myself overly tall but I've read many post by girls smaller by a good 5-10cm height wise and say their 500cc aren't that big so????? I guess it just depends on body type and the breasts he has to work with.
  12. Hey, I just had my BA done with Dr Piyapas last Wednesday the 12th and he was lovely. I can not fault him nor find any terrible reviews. I was super nervous going to a foreign country having a full on knock you out surgery but everything was fine. I worried if I had made the right choice in surgeon as I had no previous consults in Melbourne and knew it was a consult with him followed up with surgery that day. I'm 173cm tall with broad shoulders and was looking at getting d-dd but no bigger. He went clearly through my options gave his opinion and we ended up going high profile 325cc . I wanted a natural look but still a little perky. I went in thinking high profile was too fake looking but after seeing him and being shown how the mod was wider and my boobs turned off to the sides the mod would only exaggerate that. I knew I had slight variances between my breasts but until he mentioned this I never really thought about it but he said even though the differences look minor with small breast pump them up or enhance them and you will in turn be magnifiying the differences. Him saying that helped me knowing he wanted to do the best he could and give me the best breasts he could. I'm sorry I tend to ramble on so apologies. I'm now 10 days post up still here in Phuket and I'm feeling pretty good. My boobs like everyone's look like torpedoes but I have seen them change heaps since I got my bandage off on Sunday. In regards to recovery im able to do so much more than I thought I would be able to 10 days post op. including side and stomach sleeping if I feel comfortable. Anyway I highly recommend him and the hospital staff. If you have any questions please just ask. Hope that helps. Xx
  13. Hey I just had my BA in Thailand exactly one week ago. My surgeon was dr Piyapas who was really good and is a reconstructive surgeon. This was at the bangkok hospital phuket. You can go online and send an enquiry they ask for photos to assess what needs to be done but it's worth a try I guess of you are considering surgery over seas. And honestly the hospital was fantastic clean and very helpful friendly staff.
  14. Thank you all so much for the replies such a relief!! Xx
  15. Hey ladies, I'm leaving tomorrow (tuesday 11th) for surgery on the Wednesday and I just got my period a week early! I can not believe it, maybe it's because I'm feeling really stressed and nervous ect. I've read so many posts on lots of different forums as to whether or not the surgeon will still go ahead with the BA or not. Has anyone else had this problem? And I have bad period pain and I know I'm not allowed to take certain pain killers. I think panadol will be ok? Thanks girls. Xxx
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