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    Reduction on left, lift and implants.
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    Dr Mark Lee 14th January 2015
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  1. If it's purely the lift scars that are putting you off wanting a lift, Don't stress! they fade. I was very hesitant about getting a lift or any sort of breast surgery at all because of scarring. I am 20 and got a breast lift and implants also, I'm at 3 weeks post op and everything is better than I expected! I personally think you should go the lift also, you may find that although breast implants alone look awesome, it could look even better with a lift also depends on the look you want though, I wanted nice perky, even boobs... The lift definitely created the perkiness i wanted There are lots of ladies on here that have been borderline and got implants only and had amazing results too, whichever you choose I am sure you will end up loving ! I have some pics up of my ba and bl if you'd like to get an idea Xx
  2. Had my post op appt yesterday (day 6) I took my surgical bra off a couple of times because I was curious to see down there haha. It should be fine to take it off for a short time 48 hours after, I know I did to just sponge wash a bit around my boobs when I got home from hospital coz I felt yucky. Doc said everything is great, and I'm super happy yay
  3. Highly recommend Mark Lee at St John of Gods. 6 days post op from reduction/lift/ implants and so far my expectations have exceeded beyond what I was expecting. I am so happy with his work!
  4. sleeping is an absolute b**ch, and i can't feel my left nipple. Oh god. i hope this gets easier soon. on the bright side...my boobs look awesome. hope everyone's recovery is going/ will go alot better than mine. Then again, I am a big wuss sometimes haha.
  5. I had a BL/BA with Dr. Mark Lee just 2 days ago. He and his staff are such lovely people, they answered all my questions asap and as far as i can tell right now, he has delivered me the exact results i was looking for. (still very swollen though) Would definitely reccommend Mark Lee in Perth!
  6. Hi girls, thought I'd give you a quick run down of my surgery yesterday with dr Mark Lee in perth, subiaco. I arrived at 11 AM, ended up waiting 5.5 hours before it was my turn for surgery :S, very awkward, a guy I went to school with was the one to push me to my ward haha. I only met with Dr Lee for no more than 5 mins as he drew a few measurements on my chest and went through the procedure one more time. Next minute I was talking to my lovely anaesthetist then boom I was out! I woke up in my hospital room (I stayed over night) in a lot of pain, thankfully my mum and my boyfriend were standing right next to me. I felt very emotional and couldn't stop crying because I was in a lot of pain the pain drugs took a while to kick in but eventually they did and I was all good, just a bit nauseous. I slept the whole night, the nurse came in evey few hours to check on me. Dr Lee came in the morning after to let me know that the reduction lift and augmentation went very well and he was very happy with the results. He got my breasts looking very even (from what I can see so far). They are extremely swollen and I'm a little worried as when I woke I had no pressure bandages or anything on, they are very far apart and my sister In law said that it was strange that they put a crop bra on me straight away instead of bandages ? Is it normal to not have bandages around myself straight after surgery? I wasn't given any post op massages either or told when to start massaging, my post appt isn't til the 29th any advice ?? Thanks for reading and good luck
  7. Good to hear Needing_Revision ! Hoping you have a nice and problem free recovery, make sure you keep us posted Super excited, about to leave for the hospital for my op. Yippeeee! Good luck everybody X
  8. I'm going in for BL/ BA on the on the 14th of jan... similar story to jaddles. I am about a 10D/DD, they pretty big but sag. I'm gonna have the left reduced, then lifted and then implants! I'll keep ya posted hoping to go pretty big, large E hopefully!
  9. I tried isagenix, it was ok, but it was impossible to drink only 2-3 shakes a day and it felt horrible consuming so many pills and capsules. At the moment I am doing an 8 week challenge with a new brand, all organic, raw supplements and am loving it If you'd like to know the name of it all and more info just inbox me ! i'm only 2 weeks in and all my bloating is completely gone, i have a super flat stomach now (havent had a flat stomach in over 3 years) and I am slowly gaining more lean muscle (toning up) and am starting to lose the visceral fat! I don't usually like to do these sorts of diets as I didn't think the worked or could be good for you, but i'm getting my boobs done in January and wanted to quickly lose some weight and gave in haha. It was a major plus to find out that this new program is actually nurtionally good for me and will help majorly with weight loss. + anyone can do it!
  10. You poor thing Tayla1414, you must be so disappointed A friend of mine just got her boobs done recently by Dr Unson... so far she's happy, hopefully nothing like this happens to her! Can I ask if you followed normal recovery procedure? could you tell it was botched straight away? was it definitely the work of the surgeon or could it have been that you resumed to normal every day activity too quickly or anything like that? I know a few girls that have been through UBE and wasn't able to come across a bad review... I am interested to know more details as I was considering going through them at one stage! I hope this situation gets better for you xxx
  11. I'm 165cms, 64 kg and have quite an athletic body type. I already have quite a bit of boobage ( about a D-DD) just lacking volume and I have a huge difference in size between each breast! I'm hoping for a bit more symmetry, perkier boobs and want to end up at about an E cup I've been quoted 300cc on my left breast (the larger one) and 500 cc on my right along with a lift (ouchiieee) I will be going in for another appt to talk about sizing on the 25th of November because I'm still not sure about these sizes I will be getting rounds. soooo excited! my brothers girlfriend got her done yesterday...she's so happy. I want january to be here already!
  12. Woohoo! Im getting a BL and BA on the 14th of january with Dr. Mark Lee in Perth. only 55 days, 12 hours, 1638 seconds to go! haha So excited for all of us !
  13. Oh wow! thankyou rockmelonmamma That puts my mind at ease for sure. I'm not expecting perfection, but ANYTHING will be better than it is now! Thanks so much for sharing your experience xx
  14. thanks for the replies Jjgirl, sounds great! hopefully mine end up similar, E-F cup is what I am hoping for
  15. Hi girls! I've become addicted to reading everybody's experiences with breast surgery and have found them all oh so helpful, so thankyou for posting! I just have a few questions that maybe someone on here could help answer. I've always been super self conscious about the difference in size of my breasts. I finally saved enough money to get them done (hooray!). I've booked in with Dr. Mark Lee, located in Subiaco, Perth for the 14th jan 2015. I've been around to a few different surgeons and looked into going overseas, but Dr. Lee made me most comfortable and seemed to have more experience with cases like mine. I basically have 1.5 cup size difference between my breasts and my breasts sag quite significantly for my age (19) . the right is a medium C and the right is large D-small DD. I only ever really wear sports bras as i can never find a pretty wired bra to fit both of the boobs, wahh. Anyways, Dr. Mark has reccommended I get 350cc in my left and 500cc on my right + a lift on the left side. (I'm gonna have some srs frankenstein looking boobies with the scarring! haha). On the up side, my private health covers some of the cost because of the difference in sizes hehe. Is anybody able to tell me about what size this could end up being? I am 164 cms tall and weigh 65kg. I hope for both my breasts to end up as an E cup, and to be as even as possible. I'm just a bit worried about the big difference in the implant size and the lift i guess, haven't read many cases like this on here If any one has experienced a surgery similar to what I'm going to be having, pretty please let me know how it all went. How was the scarring? Was there still a huge difference in the breast size after the surgery? Thankyou
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