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  1. I had TT, MR and Breast reduction and stayed 6 nights came home with 2 drain tubes still in, felt really good until the fresh air hit me and 1 hour drive home I went straight to bed, I don't know how the girls in the USA do it as day surgery
  2. Hi Jenny wren, I to am a nurse and think you should have at least 4 weeks off especially working on a medical ward. Your PS will give you advice on this but after spending this much money you don't want to risk your results, good luck
  3. Chin up, your in the best place and IV anties work so much better. Any explanation as to how you got infected so soon I'm 11 weeks and back on oral anties today for three very small breaks in my scar The rest of the scar is just beautiful and no real reason just frustrating for both me and PS
  4. Hope you improve soon, I'm sure you will on the IV antis
  5. Sorry to hear about your sick child hope surgery goes to plan . Prayers sent
  6. MSP sometimes your IV site is quite sore for a while. Did they have more than one go at putting it in? If they did that could account for the multiple lumps otherwise I don't know
  7. Lizzy74 Glad your home and feeling good, just wondering what type of garment you have
  8. Good luck tomorrow Footysocks hope you have a good nights sleep and all goes well tomorrow
  9. I was given a Berlei pantie girdle type garment that I wore for eight weeks and was quite comfortable, it got a bit tight some nights.
  10. I have posted this a few times now so sorry if you have seen before. TT and breast reduction with Medicare item numbers no pre approval required, hospital fully covered, I had no problems plus claimed rebate for surgeon and anaesthetist all hassle free
  11. I have top hospital cover with Medibank and had all hospital costs covered for Tummy Tuck and breast reduction, I think you should check with them. Good luck hope this helps
  12. On top of what Lauren said keep up the water intake it will help the headache and the bowels
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