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  1. So it has been almost four years since my first breast augmentation with Dr David Chin from Advanced Plastic Surgery in Brisbane. I was initially (mostly) satisfied with the results, but had my suspicions about uneven pockets - and the remaining asymmetry. As they’ve settled over the years, I’ve noticed them looking more and more uneven, and very wide set. I’ve also had a lot of problems with breast animation while training, and discomfort with a ‘pulling/tugging’ sensation, particularly in my left breast. I finally decided to take the plunge and look into revision. Unfortunately, having moved to the UAE, I was unable to consult with Dr Chin again - but I doubt he would have been easy to convince to perform a revision, as when I brought up my concerns initially after surgery, he dismissed them quickly, and showed me images of my ‘befores’ - saying that it was an improvement. I decided to speak to a surgeon here instead. The surgeon here advised me to get an MRI, as she suspected a capsular contracture, but after viewing the images it showed the pockets cut very uneven (one an inch and a half higher than the other), and too small for the implants - causing rippling, and she says likely the discomfort and animation, too. I decided to also look into options for surgery in Thailand, as I’ve read a lot of ladies have had better luck with their revisions there, and am in the process of booking with Dr Sanguan at PPSI around mid-August (in just a few weeks). It works out around the same price for me and my family to travel to Thailand and have a break away together, as well as get the surgery done, so it seemed like a feasible option. Plus, I’ve read excellent reviews about Dr Sanguan, and see that he is the head of the Plastic Surgery Hospital there. I feel positive about the results, and my husband was able to get some leave, so him and daughter will join me around 2-3 days after the surgery, and we can enjoy a little time together then, but I am just a little nervous about traveling there alone for the surgery and being away from my family for those few days until they arrive. If anyone is traveling to Phuket at the same time, or if anyone has any positive experiences to share about their surgery in Thailand, I’d love to hear from you . Anyway, I’ll update progress in this thread, and it might help someone else in the future, too ?
  2. Hello! So sorry for the late reply. So two years on I am very happy with the results! No regrets, and still hold Dr Chin in very high regard <3
  3. So sorry I missed your post. Yes, they have evened out so much now. It's been just over a year since my ba (YAY!) and they are much softer and more symmetrical. I'm so glad to hear yours have settled - they can really stress you out during that healing time. Xox
  4. I'm not sure if it will help with sagging, or not, but I still wear my post-op bra, or good non-under wire sports bra, to bed 99 % of the time. Very, very, occasionally I have given them a rest, but only if they are feeling uncomfortable in a bra. I don't wear wired bras at all, because they are way too uncomfortable - and have resorted to removing the wire from the bras I bought when I was I first allowed to wear whatever I wanted after surgery, and rushed out and bought a heap of pretty ones - which all happened to be wired. . shortly after discovering that they were SOOO uncomfortable. It's unfortunate that most of the nicer bras come with wires, and they reserved the ugly makes for the non- wired. Anyway, most people say to just do what's most comfortable, and from what I read there is mixed advice about what prevents sagging. Personally, I think if you're going to sag you will sag . . maybe the night time bra thing will help prevent it happening sooner - and there is no real harm in trying to prevent it, so unless it is super uncomfortable. .(which in my case it is more uncomfortable not to wear them). . I'd say wear a good supportive bra as much as possible. If nothing else, at least you will feel super cool - like Serena Williams in that sports bra add. . 'Bounce!' .
  5. I'm not sure what PPH is, but I can assure you BA has NOTHING on childbirth! xx
  6. Hope it's all going ok, it would be difficult on your own. I'm happy with the result, I think they look good - and I'm happy with the size. I was going for the 'questionably fake' look, and I think my PS managed to achieve that. How's your healing going? Are you happy with your results, so far?
  7. Hi Alidh87, Thankyou. Xx. I've finally reached the 3 month-post-op mark, and feeling so much better! Day 5 was the worst, I haven't felt that bad since.
  8. I was advised it was fine to ice, as needed.
  9. hi Elkette, It's a real roller coaster at times, isn't it? I hope you are feeling better soon. I know for me there has been ups and downs, but the night I started this thread was the worst day of feeling really down so far. I'm 2 months post op today! I can't believe I'm here already! And it seems the more and more I am able to do, the less feeling down I am. But, I still have the odd day of worrying about random things - but I had those before my BA, so I don't believe it's related to my implants in anyway. You aren't far from the two week mark now - 2 more sleeps. The first 2 weeks was the hardest for me, after that it seemed to get easier and easier :-)
  10. I was told, as a general rule, if it's covered by medicare it is generally covered by private health insurance (but dependent on your level of cover). You could still expect some out of pocket costs, but it's also dependent on cover, surgeon fees etc.
  11. Congrats on new boobies! Don't forget to get lots of rest, drink plenty of water, and be gentle with yourself :-) xx
  12. I had transax. which makes it easier with bra's not irritating incisions (yay!). Did you need to buy it in separates?
  13. The FDA have only approved two brands of implants in America, but Nagor are popular in both Australia and the UK. which brand does your surgeon prefer?
  14. Thanks southerngirl :-) Hi Pink Butterfly, I'm usually a comfort lover too - but after 7 weeks in that lovely beige compression bra, with the extra wide straps, regular bras are looking sooo appealing!
  15. Thankyou :-) it made me laugh too. . Probably because it was so very true! I'll go and try some for comfort and update when I do :-) I think I'll still wear the compression bra at night, just to be safe.
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