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  1. What she said ^^ Haha I'm 7 weeks post op with Piyapas and can't fault a thing, so professional, so kind and gentle. I have never heard a bad thing about him either
  2. Ladies! When can I swim in a chlorinated public pool? Pretty sure my wounds are healed and sometimes I can feel stitches, I mean they haven't pierced the skin though, so when did you start swimming? Have you heard any doctors opinions I'm at the pool ATM and I just want to swim haha!!!
  3. I have BA with Piyapas, I took cash over, exchanged it when I found the best rate and look the 125000 with me to the hospital and paid cash! Quick and easy!
  4. Most amazing experience, wish I could do it over again and again! Goodluck, see my picks if you like :-)
  5. Baan Lamai is great! Prime location, on the beach and walking distance to everywhere, really nice hotel but the rooms aren't that great, I also stayed at Sea Sun Sand Resort and Spa, it was really really nice but it's up on a hill and it's like a K just to get to your room haha, both reasonable prices, check them out :-)
  6. I was walking k's in Thailand like 2 days later and it was fine!
  7. Mine slightly crinkle?! Hahaha I think, if I'm even doing it right. Should it not lift at all or?
  8. Yeah i wasn't buying them I just wanted to try on the complete comfort bra which I might buy as it's on sale for 30! And very comfortable with removable wire so I am able to wear it. Thanks girls x
  9. I got sized at bras n things today, I measured a 8-10 DD-E I'm just wondering, are these definante measurements or just estimate, I defiantly wouldn't call myself a DD, probably scraping a D to be honest but maybe I'm wrong!? What are anyone else's experiences with getting sized and size you actually wear? :-)
  10. Okay that's good! I'm not sure I want mine to touch haha I feel like they'll slide through and join or something hahaha oh that's awesome! Good stuff babe, yeah mine are going good (boob greed :-( it's so bad but I'm sure they'll fluff out, just hoping they don't drop to much more as it feels like they already have haha xx
  11. Anna Anna Anna!!!!! A medium would be fine! :-)
  12. Mine is sort of rashy. But just heaps of patches of little pimples which I squeeze and probably shouldn't! I think the only way to do it is natural, eating strictly, tones of water and green tea and no soap, that how I'm going out it and it seems to be working a bit, it's gone down a lot since coming home from Thailand, I don't think it's from pain meds as I never had any, but I'm sure we'll be fine if we don't irritate it
  13. Yes I'm exactly the same! And my skin is sooooo oily! It's so weird I've never had pimples and bad skin and at the moment my pimples are shocking!
  14. Yeah I may do that! That's heaps girls. Yeah he has explained how to remove it and f*** that I might go go my gp or I was thinking of putting siltape or steri strips on and forget about it and hope for them to dissapear!!! :-)
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