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  1. I'm 6weeks and 3 days post op with Dr Nguyen. I honestly could not be happier with him and my results! Before and after pics are useless as you will only be able to enhance what you allready have, not modify or change. I went 365 high/full profile in the left and 330 moderate profile in the right and I went from a 10a/b (i was un even) to a 10dd at the moment. I just got fitted last night as i have been cleared to wear wire free bras now!
  2. I'm 6weeks and 3 days post op with Dr Nguyen. I honestly could not be happier! Before and after pics are useless as you will only be able to enhance what y
  3. I'm currently 18 days post op with Dr Nguyen at TCI Parramatta. I honestly could not be happier!!! I flew over from Perth aswell, I was fortunate I had a friend living there who looked after me and drove me around. Feel free to friend request me if you want to see my pictures ☺️
  4. I'm currently 18 days post op and couldnt be happier! No pain since day 1 and my incisions are healing nicely ☺️ i have updated pictures in my gallery. Only 3 weeks and 3 days untill I can take this compression bra off and wear something nicer!! Just in time for my pole stuidos white themed christmas party! Yay!
  5. Hi, I didnt get the CC guarantee, however if you do purchase it, it will still cost around $2-4k, as anaesthesia fees are not included. If you travel solo you will also have to hire a nurse for over night, TCI will not do the surgery if you don't have someone to pick you up and stay the night with you. I am currently 18 days post op with Dr Nguyen, couldnt be happier!!
  6. I've taken sick leave. Everyone at work knows what its for and the girl who does pays had the nerve to tell me I can't take it to get my boobs done. Legally your employer cannot ask you why you've taken sick leave for any reason, so there for if they didnt know they wouldnt be allowed to ask, she soon shut up and is paying my leave lol. I went to TCI and I told them what dates to put on the sick note, they also DO NOT have the company name on it and it is signed by your doctor.
  7. I was given endone and anti nausea tablets, codapane forte (panadene forte + codeine) I didn't need the endone at all, and stopped taking the codapane by day 3. I had my surgery at TCI last Tuesday and flew back that Friday night. My recovery however has been pain free and very easy. You'll need to spend a minimun 48hours in Sydney before flying out.
  8. I'm currently 10 days post op. I had my dressings on my incisions changed by a nurse yesterday and my incisions have closed up and are perfect looking! The nurse was so impressed and even took down TCI's details for herself! I've been off pain medication since day 3. Walking my dogs since day 5. Driving my manual car at day 6. Went to the races all day on day 7. I have had no pain at all, only a little bit of a tighter pressure feeling. I'm so happy so far with how they look. I have updated pictures in my private gallery ☺️
  9. To be honest it looks so different on everyone. For me I think my Dr chose a good size for my body and my lifestyle ( i do alot of sports) ill continue to add more pictures as they heal. I get my dressing changed on Tuesday.
  10. Just approved it, i've got a few updated pics in my galley Recovery is going great! Day 3 I was off the meds and I flew home on day 4 and im able to do everything for myself here.
  11. Congrats to all October girls!!! I'm doing fantastic! I stopped all painkillers on day 3 and have only been taking my antibiotics which I finish tonight! I've had no pain, only a bit of tightness, which just feels like my bra is to tight ( it isnt). I had my surgery on the 28th October. I flew back to Perth last night, went for a half an hour walk this afternoon to soak up some sun shine. I'm really happy with how they are looking given its only day 5!
  12. I used coconut oil 8 weeks prior However they suggest using a cream and not oil after untill they are healed.
  13. I'm 163cm and 55kg my breast width was 13cm I just got 365 hp in my left and 330 mod in my right. I think I will be a large D or DD. Cant tell just yet as I only had surgery on Tuesday. I have pictures in my gallery if you add me as a friend. I was a small 10B before hand and I carry all my weight in my thighs/bum/hips.
  14. Im 162cm and 55kg and just had 366hp in the left and 330 mod in the right on Tuesday. With that size my Dr said i'll be more around a large D. I have some pictures in my gallery. Though the shape of my boobs will change considerably in the next 6-10weeks once they drop and fluff.
  15. Just had my first shower and reveal! Im pretty happy shower went well and i didnt feel sick or anything, my left boob that got the bigger implant feels fine and my right is slighthly tight up top (my muscles are tighter in my right) Im gonna be one happy girl if this is the most pain I get! Hopefully its not bad tomorrow so i can go get my hair washed and nails done
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