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  1. Oh my fave was the mersyndol forte and liked the Valium too!! I could def get hooked haha!!
  2. Hi Summer i am an interstate patient of Dr miroshnik. Got there Monday surgery tues home Friday! Wednesday I felt alright chilled watching telly most the day went for 2 short walks around bondi was puffed out that night! Thursday went to bondi junction a little bit of shopping and a movie was out about 6hrs was eager to get home and chilled at night. Friday was post op appt then airport which was all ok got easily worn out and meds made me sleepy!! Like Maisie's said Everyone is so different with their recovery! You would really have to wait and see how you feel!! But if u had the option of going with your husband and daughter or just staying in that would be good!! My friend and I stayed at an apartment through airbnb which was great and better than hotel!! Good luck with your decision!!
  3. I'm not sure if she still comes on the site but seiboob had awesome results from him I think she was just out of Sydney though not interstate but think she has her story up somewhere!
  4. I only had surgery a week ago but I am 163cm and about 58-60kg I got 330cc mod plus anatomicals and started a full 12b small c Dr miroshnik said I would end up a large d to dd!
  5. I am day 8 and still using ice packs relieves the burning at least!
  6. I didn't pay any extra for anatomicals through Dr miroshnik had surgery last week!
  7. yes xx mine was fine was just busy at the start a bit rushed then recovery nurses were fine one was lovely one was ok just felt a bit shuffled out was the end of the day I was keen to get home anyway!!
  8. hey vandyz i remember!! And when I went to walk out I remember thinking that other chick looked way more with it I was still off with the fairies! Did they give you anything to eat or drink beside water? I feel like they get you out pretty quick! Did you see dr miroshnik after? I'm feeling alright now not needing too much pain relief except when I know I have overdone it a bit! And I am still using ice packs! My back is killing me though! I got 330cc mod plus dual plane anatomicals. This or 295 was his recommendation as I have a short torso so basically could look fat if I went bigger he said! Hopefully be happy with the size, I started as a b cup!! Are you happy with yours?
  9. hey i had surgery Tuesday and flew home today so wasn't there 5 they said that was fine! I'm buggered now after flight and car rides and hiding it from ppl who don't know!! Miroshnik was good but did feel rushed with him and didn't see him after the op except quickly when I was out of it still in recovery!! Would of been nice to hear how it all went! They didn't give me anything to eat after op I feel like they shuffled me out pretty quick! All good though was good to get back to where I was staying! Ice packs are the best! Good luck girls!!
  10. hi vic recovery has been pretty smooth but of tightness and discomfort but not too bad. Day 2 today went shopping and movies bit puffed now! Showered today was ok just a quick one. Flying home tomorrow so hopefully be ok!! Can't wait to have full range of movement in my arms!! When are you booked in? thanks for asking!
  11. Maisie did they give you mersyndol forte aswell? I have found that better than endone! Miss teach endone is oxycodone diff to OxyContin I think oxycontin is slow release. Iam day 2 feeling not bad just dizzy this am went for a walk around bondi yesterday. Going to go see a movie today. Pain isn't too bad just feel tight and stiff, keen for a shower today. Ice packs are awesome!! I am smashing the water and warm lemon water in the am. hope everyone is going well. All my anxiety and uncertainty I had before has gone glad it is done! Good luck to girls who's surgeries are coming up and I hope everyone who has had their surgery are recovering well!! xxx
  12. hi sarah i had surgery today w dr M and he is lovely. He does offer rounds, for me he suggested what was best for my body and the look I was after! I think he chose well and I was comfortable trusting his opinion in conjunction with my desired outcome!!
  13. Quick update!! back at apartment laying down watching telly! Bit drugged up! Got called to go to hospital a bit earlier 1:30 then didn't go into theatre until about 3:30 i think! When I got on the table I felt like running, lucky I was out quick! Ice pack on and had analgesia! Haven't really looked at my boobs yet but happy they aren't too high or swollen at the moment!! Happy happy feel so much better it is done!! Thanks for your support girls!! Hope everyone is well and good luck to the rest of the girls this week!!
  14. Yeh I will see how I go and just use it as I need I have colxyl and senna ready! I am at east sydney private hospital Dr lim is the anaesthetist. Just had my last supper haha breakfast actually!!
  15. Thanks MaisieF can't wait til I just get it done and over with!! How are you going?
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