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    165cm tall 57kg 34a before BA went 330cc hoping for 34D-DD

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  1. Look no further Dr T is the right person for your surgery Hun he also did mine all the best
  2. Aww honey I'm sorry you are feeling the way u are I'd totally take the advice above these girls have all been there they know what happens, everyone is different I'm six weeks post op and one of my boobs is bigger then the other and my right is moving a lot quicker then my left but I've taken my surgeons advice and am not looking at them for the next 2 months as they are going to change a lot in that time. I was really depressed 2 weeks post op it's not a good feeling at all just be patient u will be fine, Wishing you a speedy recovery take care
  3. I have 330 cc gel implants HP unders my right side is bigger then my left as well it's freaking me out :/ trying to be patient but its hard Hey seeliboob how have u been ? Yes January is the next time I see him I was like what ? But I guess he know what his talking about, the cleavage bra I'm wearing is so uncomfortable Jen said I can stop wearing it if I want but in still going to wear it for the next few days, I have to do one cleavage exercise 5 mins a day but that is it, what do u have to do ?? Can't wait for them to bot look the same I'll put some pics up soon and show u what I'm talking about I'm happy just impatient lol hope your lefty gets a move on for you talk soon
  4. Hey guys just wondering when everyone started to see the most change in there boobs post op, I had very tight skin so I'm sure it's normal for things to be taking a lot longer then others, they are also still pretty firm when will or should they start to soften up or D&F I'm freaking out about CC :/ I don't see the dr again till January Thanks
  5. Go the bigger ones Hun I get 330 and wish I could have gone bigger and 20cc wouldn't really make much difference anyway I'm similar stats to u if u FR more then welcome to see my pics, I don't have many pics yet only 4 weeks PO, All the best
  6. Aww I feel for you I'm going through the same thing ATM they are nothing like I thought they would be I'm hoping they will change as they D&F, I'm only 4 weeks post op and have not seen much change at all so far it's so frustrating I know how you feel i wanted 380cc but could only go 330cc (tight skin) and in clothes I feel no change at all and I waited so bloody long for this and payed so much money!! I wish u all the best maybe give it some more time before going under again !!
  7. Hey guys I'm just on 3 weeks post op and recovering ok, haven't seen much change in my boobs in the last week or 2 but have been told to just be patient as everyone is different and they can change at different times, just wondering how many weeks you were when you noticed the most change in your boobs ?? And morning boob OMG so painfull in the morning does anyone know how long this will last ??
  8. So just wondering if you have to sleep on your back after BA I'm 2 weeks post op and in my surgical bra of a night have been sleeping on an incline for the first 2 weeks just wondering if when you sleep in bed if it's strictly back only ?? Is side ok ??
  9. So today I had a my 2 week post op with Dr Tavakoli and he was so lovely we spoke about me being so emotional it turns out the drugs have really affected me and sent me a little loopy and the fact I'm so not used to being cooped up inside not being able to gym, work ect and having to wear the stabiliser 24/7 really got me down, we spoke about the size of my implant and let's just say I knew I was doing the right thing leaving my trust in him on the day of my surgery for him to decide which implant to give me even if I wanted the bigger one he totally made the right decision giving me the smaller one:) after my appointment I was off to the shops to get a cleavage bra he wants me to wear, so went to MYER to get professionally fitted measuring a 12E Wow I'm wearing 12 DD for extra support worried about nothing lol Thanks to everyone for their kind words while I was being a crazy lady Will post some more pics soon these boobs sure have grown/filled out a lot very very happy with them Thanks guys happy boobs ...! (feels so much better now with some support around these boobs)
  10. I had mine lowered no probs so far
  11. Thanks zara111 this makes me feel sooo much better
  12. If I end up a D or DD I will be stocked (ATM I'm only measuring a B which worries me that is an increase of 1 cup) thanks for your words guys makes me feel a lot better! I totally trust Dr Tavakoli and would not go with any other surgeon either way I think I do have the blues and I'm sure I will feel better after my appointment tomorrow will let you know how I go, I also need to stop looking at them everyday but I can't help it I hope you are happy Juniper and well with you post surgery.
  13. It not that I wanted people to notice, no one knows I was getting a boob job but my husband & family and I really couldn't care less what people think, it's just this was something for me to make me happy and ATM I'm not. Im hoping things will change as a lot of people have told me they will. I just want to love them and be happy with what I have done being so impatient doesn't help lol
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