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  1. I had my consult yesterday and the surgeon measured me & i have a 5cm gap between mine. (my profile pic is tiny, but there is a flat spot in the middle of my rib cage) Its just how im built. I will not really achieve awesome cleavage, without a decent squish them together bra.
  2. Thank you ladies. Im still grumpy at my partner. He is worried about the unwanted attention this will bring me at work (we work at the same company, just in different departments) I should have just gone through with it :/
  3. I chickened out & didn't go through with it
  4. I had my consult with doctor Ali at TCI Parra yesterday. I brought my fiancé for moral support, I figured that having him there would help convince him that boobies before babies was a good idea. First we went with Dr Ali and she took my medical history and then I took my top off and she measured me, my left is 11.5cm and my right is 12cm, she offered me 385cc full / high or 400cc extra full / extra high profile. I couldn't decide which one to go for, I liked the idea of side boob that the 385cc would give me, but I also liked the projection that the 400cc would have given me. Fiance sat there smiling and nodding as I tried the different profiles and sizes on. (first Dr Ali started me on a 295cc mod & I was like helllzzz no, way too small) I signed the paperwork for 400cc even though I couldn't decide which one I liked the most, I was thinking more of a natural look, but I know that I will get boob greed. Partner asked how long until we can start trying for a baby & Dr Ali said because Im petite there is no reason to wait, I don't have much breast tissue so its not like much will change, she asked how my breasts were when I was pregnant before & I said I went up to maybe a C or D, but I did gain 32kg all up, so I don't really get big in that area when im preggy. She didn't seen concerned about pregnancy affecting the breast tissue, she just said that the implant would make it heavier & more weight might mean a few more stretch marks, but there was no reason to wait a year to fall pregnant, give it 6 weeks to three months for the breasts to settle then we can try. Partner seemed fairly happy with that. We went back to the waiting room and fiance was saying well if its only three months its not that bad, but if you do cancel it then we can still try for a baby now. He went back to work after Dr Ali's consultation was over, I stayed at reception so I could be measured for the bra and chat with the consultant. I would need the small carefix, we spoke about scarring and the capsular contracture guarantee they have introduced & I told her that I was okay with going ahead with the surgery but my partner isn't supportive, he wants me to get pregnant asap. I told her that id booked the surgery before I met him & he likes me the way I am, and doesn't think I need to make any changes, and he also says that if I want to get it done, then I should have the babies first, then the surgery second. She was understanding then started talking about her experiences, her partner was a bit unsure because of the additional attention that the implants might attract, but he was fine with it now. The appointment ended with me saying I would think and call them this afternoon as I was in two minds about the procedure. I got the phone call from TCI about 3:30 with the fasting time, admission time, etc and I was saying to her that I was still hesitant, my partner isn't supportive of my decision. I ended up cancelling there & then and I had to send them an email confirmation, and as its within 24 hours of my consult, I get my $6065 returned. I was so p*ssed off with my partner at that time, I had a chat with him and got the sh*ts with him for not 'letting' me do what I wanted to do & he was saying, no babe I support you either way. either was I win, I get babies or I get boobies, I cant lose. gah. well its cancelled now. I don't know why I didn't just say f*ck you, im doing what I want to do & go ahead with it. Please remember he is a decent guy, he is 35 & wants to start a family. Im 32 and already have one child. Iv wants to get the BA for a good 10 years now.
  5. Im having quite a bit of anxiety leading up to my surgery date. My boyfriend doesnr want me to go through with it, he wants ne to have another baby next year, gah. Iv wanted this surgery for a good ten years, im not sure what to do.
  6. Im a bit the same, I have one child and now my partner is putting ideas in my head about babies. Mmm. Interested to see other peoples opinions in babies after boobies
  7. same with me missj - my consult is the day before my surgery
  8. when i first started on this forum, i thought a C would be great, but now im thinking i want to go D or DD. boob greed is alive & well. so many wonderful pics & stories making me dream big
  9. Anyone booked in for November...?
  10. you sign a contract with Mac. Mac pay TCI before your surgery. you have up to a few years to pay mac back
  11. i love my rower! good question! i wondered this also.
  12. following. im booked in at tci for nov 25. okay if i send fr's...?
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