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    Dr Jib (aka Dr. Pongsatorn Sanguanchua)
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  1. Just having breakfast here in Perth, I've got to thinking about my BA recovery in Phuket in 9 days. Food is obviously a huge factor in keeping our bodies fighting fit and I am a little concerned how I am going to manage that in Phuket...last time I was there, I got severely ill and was hallucinating, I was being very careful but sometimes I think it's just inevitable but that's certainly the last thing I want during my recovery. I've packed my own Imodium and Hydrolyte just in case and have been planning on only eating the food from my resort. Even though that may not always be possible. I don't want to resort to eating HJs or McDonalds either just bc it's the safer option. I don't eat that stuff here and my body will need as many nutrients as possible. Can anyone shed some light on how they're managing eating healthy and safe while in Thailand? What the hospital good is like, resort food, and decent places to get a nutritional meal? Thanks pals x
  2. Gabby, I seriously felt like I was just reading a post I made! Haha. We seem to have basically the exact same eating habits. I love a milo to see me through and also eat a banana to help with my sugar cravings. Other things I eat on the regular is, I generally create a little container of Brazil nuts, almonds and Frugos (yogurt covered berries) they're not the best for you but are tiny and keep the chocy cravings at bay. I also cut up strawberries, a few blueberries, crush a small handful of pecans and add a dolup of Jalana plain vanilla yoghurt. That definitely hits the spot and I usually just leave the ingredients in the fridge at work till Friday. Other than that I agree, celery and carrot sticks with some homus dip is always yummy, pink lady apples and peppermint tea (from T2) are delicious...peppermint tea is also so wonderful for your digestion, so if you can't get into that, you'll love it. But hey, don't ditch Milo altogether, it's a never fail and not bad for you at all if you eat a balanced diet...plus, it's delicious!
  3. Can I get adapters for Thailand from the Airport? I'm worried if I eBay one it won't make it in time, I leave next Thursday.
  4. So sorry lovely! Here's hoping you get the boobs you've always hoped for soon enough - what a disappointing story. Stories like this always make me nervous, even though they are generally few and far between nowadays. Still, I'm booked in for surgery in 2 weeks time at Bangkok Hospital Phuket with Dr Jib - I would be ever so curious to know who your surgeon was? :/
  5. Hi ladies. I know this is an older forum but I would love to know how all of you went with Dr Jib, I'm 2 weeks pre op with him and am just wanting some final reassurance before I head of to Phuket. I'd also love to see you results, I haven't seen many of his before and after shots as I went directly through the hospital and their photo library is quite limited, I basically made my decision based on forum reviews. Anyhoo, hope you're all loving you new and improved boobs!! X
  6. Hi there I would love to know about the Hey Girl I'm booked in with Dr Jib on 15 September. Feeling very ready for my new boobs and even more ready for the holiday, I'm there for just over two weeks. Any tips? How was your pre-medical - that's the only thing rally worrying me, I don't smoke or drink and am in good health as far as I know, but IDK I just started reading people have been turned back bc of it. Also, when do the stitches come out? Are there internal and external stitches? Haha, so many questions!! sorry
  7. Hi Girls - I'm booked in with Dr Jib on 15 September (coming round so fast, but truly couldn't be more ready!!) I've added a few of you girls as friends who've already had your BA done in preparation for my surgery, just some final research to see how things went for you all. Just quickly, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the pre BA medical in Thailand involves, I'm in great health as far as I know but the thought of something random popping up has got me a touch nervous. Thanks a bunch!!
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