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  1. Thanks beautifuls! Surgery went well! Pain is minimal just very disconforting especially combined with my back but all in all coping well... Suck a quick and non stressful process.... Couldn't be happier with TCI Will post up pics gradually Xxx
  2. Surgery is tomorrow at 12pm!! Wooooooooo!
  3. Updates please ladies... Today was supposed to be boobie day for me
  4. KLM85

    Dr Tang TCI

    I got rescheduled fir december 18 when Dr Tang is recovered... I asked for another surgeon but there are no vacancies... I'm disappointed but trying to look at the positives and that it's only an extra 13 days...
  5. KLM85

    Dr Tang TCI

    So Dr Tang has had to have emergency surgery on his achilleas A girl I know had her surgery postponed as it was supposed to be on Tuesday and mine is supposed to be next Friday and I'm freaking out... I feel really bad for him and for myself because everything is now up in the air.... I don't do well with unplanned
  6. I'm 169cm and 60kg and getting 450cc HP I was worried too but the ones I tried on looked good and I'm going with the surgeons recommendation
  7. Summer.daze sending you a FR as I'm going with dr tang in 19 days
  8. Hey girls! So I had my consult today... I'm getting 490cc HP (I'm sure it's 490 as I tried on 450 but my surgeon recommended one larger) I can't remember because I was so nervous and excited lol! Surgery is in 3 weeks from Friday! It's all so surreal!!!!
  9. I'm having my consult next week for BA and lipo... At TCI
  10. Who was it? I am going with the cosmetic institute in December ao is really like to know if it was then?
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