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    5th August 2015 BA With Dr Boonchai ( . Y . )

    400cc Moderate plus profile, Under the muscle. Measuring at a 10E/F
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    Dr Boonchai 5th August 2015
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    155cm, 53kgs, 10B
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  1. Will update pic this weekend they have already changed soooo much from massaging!!!
  2. Hahah i thought it was you also when i saw you had said you changed your dates Face behind the name Im 2 weeks today yaaaaaaaaay. Loving my new additions <3 x
  3. It's about time I tell my story ? Iv wanted a BA for about over 5 years now and I was not going to settle until i actually went through with it. 6 mnths ago I booked my surgery and flights and I really did think the time was going to drag but it came up sooo quick! I originally was going for mod plus but after all my research changed my mind to high profile but new this would all change when it came to consult time. Iv been researching for the past 2 years so Iv seen a lot of boobs with a lot of different results. The day before surgery it still didn't feel real like I didn't have the nerves or anything. Day of surgery, as I was filling in the papers my partner asked if I was nervous and I was like nah he's like I am and I still didn't feel any emotion about it (my partner had more nerves than me ). Consult time was a breeze my surgeon was Dr Boonchai and he was very good at going over all the pros and cons and about the surgery etc. I went in there thinking I would get 350cc high profile turns out I went 400cc mod plus under the muscle. The high profile just looked funny on me like I no they wouldn't of looked that crazy big after surgery but they put me off when trying them on + I like how the mod plus is a wider base. I could of gone 425cc but I got scared I'd have over hang but now kicking myself a little I didn't go that extra 25cc but I still love them. (Dr B did say how about the 425 but i thought it was to big but i really could of got it.) I started off as a empty 10b and god knows what I am now. He said about a DD I would end up being. My consult was at 8am my surgery was at 10.15am. Being wheeled into surgery and I still had no nerves or anything I was soo calm! I thought I would of been a mess at this part. I woke up in icu so before even getting back to my room and I felt fine! Honestly felt like a big nap. They felt apart of me from day one. Iv had next to no pain. I mean yes it does hurt the 1st time u sit up or twist ur body but to me it wasn't pain I hadn't felt before. Everything was such a breeze. I'm 12 days post op and only just started massaging yesterday. My dominant side is still a little swollen and will take longer to drop as I'm always using that hand. He did say my right muscle was more tense when doing surgery but it didn't affect anything and pretty much that's why ill still have a bit of swelling there which is normal for everyone. Plus my right boobs always been bigger by the tinyst bit. But i don't notice at all. Plus who doesnt have that hahah. Im 155cm tall and around 54kgs Surgeon: Dr Boonchai 400cc Mod Profile,under the muscle, under the breast incision. DR BOONCHAI + PIAC STAFF ARE AMAZING ❤
  4. I had dr B on the 5th aug. My recommendation sounds similar to yours except I havnt had children. He's good at what he does but very straight forward and serious. He also told me he would try make my gap smaller and one of my nipples is centre the other points out a.little not noticable tho so nothing I can do about that. Iv felt great the moment I woke up from sugary. Never once felt that they felt weird and any kind of pain I had felt before. From day one they have felt apart of me. I got 400cc mod plus under the muscle. And I no this will sound yuck but not at all do.I feel like I've been cut open lol
  5. Feeling great! Loving my new boobies get my stices out on wendesday
  6. Hey not to sure whos been saying Bangkoks better then Phuket?? Iv heard more horror story's in Bangkok then in Phuket.. Either way theres good surgeons in both citys just need to make sure you do your research.
  7. Thanks Gabby Finally at last its my turn!!!!
  8. Parntly you can get ice packs for them so i left them off the list as i was going to take some over YES SOOO BLOODY EXCITED!! Still feels like its not real yet tho but bet it will kick in when i get to the airport..
  9. Ahhh glad the shoppings good hahah. Yeah i heard it has a bad smell. I have 4 days before surgery to do some exploring plus my agent has sorted me a private driver, the one she uses soo that's a bonus! did you go out at night? Waaaah that I won't be aloud to drink, such a bummer oh well rather be safe than sorry.... dum that patong dirty :/ how far away are other destinations that are cleaner?
  10. Hey lov, not there yet fly out this Saturday coming yeap partner will be staying with me Oh yaaaaay that's good to hear about the sense! I'll be there on my 2nd week. Was the shopping good? How come you didn't like patong? I'll be at deevana plaza 1st week it was cheaper and thought I'd have that one 1st as I loose a day there from flying in plus will be at the hospital for a night. is it easy to get around?
  11. Awww no thats horrible, Completely understandable on his behalf and also very frustrating on yours
  12. Thats such a bummer. I just think its a little annoying when some people do there research and book in with the surgeon they want then when it comes to surgery day they get assigned to someone else because there one is not available... I mean you probably wouldn't of had these issues if you got to go to the surgeon you originally selected.
  13. Hey Ladys so iv started getting my bag packed 11 days until we leave and i just wanted to give you a list of what i have and if you can let me know any extra just so im prepared -Travel Pillow -Small mink blanket (for the plane and hospital) -3 x post op bras -Tablet/Ipad -Loose clothing, yoga pants, flowy dresses, comfy shorts to wear around resort, floppy hat -Dry Shampoo -Probiotics -Power Board and power point converter -Document Folder -Money Belt -Sleeping eye masks -Toiletries - Body wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, Sunblock, Toothbrush, paste & mouth wash, Coconut oil, Face wash, lip balm, deodorant, basic makeup, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins & head band -Hospital bag -Hot water bottle (For my lower back while sleeping sitting up) -Silk robe above the knees (to help slide in and out of bed) Would love to hear any other ideas or anything iv missed xx
  14. Awww no Amila1 thats so sad to hear. Im glad it was able to be fixed tho! xx
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