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  1. Bekah-29

    TCI or Enhance Clinic?

    Hey Amanda not sure when you are wanting to book in but tci will be opening a clinic in Melbourne later on this year ☺
  2. Bekah-29

    TCI opening in Melbourne and Brisbane this year?

    Oh I hope so! If they are as good as their current surgeons it would be perfect!!
  3. I would like to see them open something like this in Melbourne where they do not have many options for afordable surgery. Fingers crossed!!
  4. Bekah-29

    Two days!

    Good luck!!! Very excited to see and hear about your results!!
  5. Bekah-29

    The Cosmetic Institute Sydney

    Hi ladies I have also been considering this but i am in victoria and my fears are all about post op care? How do you know that they are going good and what happens if something goes wrong? Did you just see your local gp? Or do you send follow up pics to tci?
  6. Hi there :) i still cant see your pics even though you have accepted my friend request :(