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  1. A very close friend of mine had a labia minora (not the common 'majora' alteration that commonly done) and her clitoral hood reduced by Dr Onuma - an experienced gyno specialist here in Adelaide I've seen her before/after results and whist I couldn't 'see' any issue with her Vajayjay before I was astonished as to how much different it looked after recovery,,,, It did take many weeks before all the swelling and healing was done (stitches out etc) She paid around $13k and said it was worth every penny Here are the links to his website http://dronuma.com.au/ http://dronuma.com.au/labia-minora-majora-reduction/
  2. Dr Gaffiend is a California surgeon now based in Queensland who does Saline overfills. He's the only one I know in Australia I spoke with his theater nurse (Sasha) who said there's a new silicone implant available up to 1040cc Still if your keen to go stateside I'd add Dr Amy Bandy to Revis and Poisti and candidates
  3. Hi all I have made an initial consult with my girl with Dr Gaffield in McKay regarding large saline overfills. He appears ideal as he's ex USA and had lots of experience with this procedure. A friend on mine recommended him as she got her 1100cc implants from him just three months back and she looks sensational. The price was S10,000 but add in flights and accommodation across the country and it gets $$ steep. I noticed 'Avenue Plastic Surgery' in Melbourne offer saline. Has anyone any experience with them?. (I've just emailed them for initial contact) The appeal with saline expanders are Very small incision (with a keller funnel) Large sizes available (silicone max is 800cc) Fully adjustable sizing post op - so wish they were bigger?..then they can be. here a clip of adjustable implants
  4. Since when did quoting DIRECTLY from the a public record medical website become a ;violation' of the forum rules? I can tell you much of what written about this Dr is real...otherwise there wouldn't be the strict 'practice restriction' placed around his surgery work.......... Yes. there need to be a level of mutual respect here - not just arbitrary wiping out of pages of posts I have a question for the moderator: Who OWNS PSF? (not manages it) Thank you
  5. Looks like we're all being gagged
  6. ".................he will not perform breast augmentation surgery except under the direct supervision of an accredited fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (the supervisor) " 2. "Dr F**g is responsible for any costs associated with his compliance with this undertaking"
  7. Went back for a little touch up with some added Fortelis...love the final look....my own personal chrissy prezzy to me!
  8. Joan hi it a very common procedure and most surgeon do it. Trott did my upper and my friends upper and lowers but he just retired. Go see Dr Tony Moore on Nth Tce..he's a good plastic surgeon spottydog
  9. Not hard but you'll be 'time poor' on the answers - that's where it'll get you..... Get some past papers and practice............ALOT
  10. Quote from Dr Timothy Cooper: ""Thread lifts previously enjoyed some popularity but they were not without their problems. They are not a cheap alternative and their effect is frequently unsatisfactory or short lived.""
  11. Hi Donna,, the bugger didn't say! I left with the empty box (my hobby is reading the back of packets) and the penny didn't drop on me about this..,, I appreciate the additional information,,,, One of my gal palz has Aquamid in her (killer) lips the last 7 years.... spottydog
  12. Two?.................try three (for me)............... You take as many trips to the Surgeon as you require..........darling, it's surgery you're going in for, not a cut n' blow......lol
  13. Long time surgery junkie, I went to my regular pusher - Dr Choc (that should read 'Injector"..lol) for a fill top up. i'd noticed the left side of my face appeared to be looking slight out compared to my 'nicer' looking right side. (I like ''symmetry') Choc agreed and recommended a unit of Radiesse (a product which is new to me)....Historically I've had either Voluma or fat transfers to the face (fat transfers were really poor value and results for me) Anyhow two weeks later, I'm feeling VERY pleased with the re balanced look. Trick is a good product AND a good injector.......... Spottydog
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