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  1. Thanks for the feed back, i have booked my surgery with Dr Scamp on the gold coast. I feel happy with my decision. Who did you end up choosing?
  2. So i'm paying my deposit for Dr Scamp this friday….I hope I'm choosing the right Surgeon. I've had one bad surgery already i'd hate to have another. I'm getting my implants removed and replaced after surgery in Thailand in 2012. I have CC in my left breast. Any other Dr Scamp girls out there? I've only read great things about him & my first consult went well. Any feed back would be great. X
  3. Uh huh honey

    Dr Kohout

    Hi ladies, anyone had surgery by Dr Kohout in Sydney, would love to hear your comments.
  4. I had my 1st surgery done in Phuket through cosmeditour & although the company itself were good my surgeon was not so great. After seeing dr scamp I'm so disappointed & regret ever wasting my money going overseas. I 90% sure ill be booking in with him next week. I'm so happy to hear that other ladies are having surgery through him as its hard to get much feedback on surgeons on the Gold Coast.
  5. That's great to hear, I felt the same way with Dr Scamp. I felt like he knew what he was talking about & was straight to the point. Told you exactly what you would be getting. I am seeing Dr Doyle of Monday as i had already made an appointment with him before I saw Dr Scamp. I really feel like Dr Scamp will be the Surgeon I chose though. Let me know if you end up booking.
  6. I saw Dr Scamp last week and was happy with my consult. He was very helpful answering my questions. Although I did forget to ask what implants he uses. His staff were lovely & the office is so fancy. I would love to hear feedback on him I also see Dr Mark Doyle next week so hopefully can make a decision between the 2 after that. Best of luck Stace418
  7. Hi there, have you had your consult yet?
  8. Has anyone used Mac Credit to finance their surgery? I don't work but my partner works away will i be able to apply? We aren't married but have 2 kids & in a defacto relationship. Any advice would be great thank you.
  9. Does anyone know what kind of implants are the best for the lowest risk of Capsular Contracture? Ive had CC once before and i want to reduce the risks of it happening again.
  10. Hi I have a consultation with him in 2 weeks. I've read great things about him. Hope your surgery goes well.
  11. Thank you, I'm on the waiting list to see Dr Layt as he doesn't have an appointment available until 28 Jan. I guess that's a good thing he is popular but i wanted my surgery before the end of the year.
  12. Ok so ive narrowed down my list of surgeons if anyone has any good or bad reviews it would be greatly appreciated. I have developed CC & this surgery will be a removal & replacement of implants. I live on the Gold Coast. 1. Dr Mark Doyle 2. Dr Terrence Scamp 3. Dr Craig Layt 4. Dr Stradwick Thank you
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