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    Dr Darren Molony - APSA (30/10/14)
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    12B, 162cm tall, 64kg
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  1. Hi hunny congrats hope your feeling good after surgery I'm 162cm tall 64kg with 375cc mentor HP implants, I went from a 12B to a 12E lol I was hoping for a small D but got a lot more than I bargined for jahaha but even though there big I love the shape
  2. Hi ladies My surgery went great All up my surgery cost my $11,200 because of my hospital fee as I chose to have it done in a personal preference hospital Okay so in short surgery day came and I was really calm it only hit me that I was having it done as I enter the operating theatre! My plastic surgeon Dr Molony was wonderful and reassuring and because I hAd never been out under before I was terrified if the anaesthetic, but Dr Nicholas Marks my anaesthetist let my partner come in and hold my hand while I was put under I honestly couldn't believe how supportive and warm all the staff was! When I woke up I was in very little pain and I didn't feel sick ATM. I felt a tight band feeing on my chest and thought that they hadn't operated and that they had just put my big massive padded bra back on but then I looked down and there they were lol. I had the 375cc mentor memory silicone gel textured implants put under the muscle. Dr Molony had more surgerys to do through out the day so he didn't come to check on my as I was first in the day list, but dr Marks came in to see how I was which was really a nice surprise! After I few hours of sleeping and eating jelly I was allowed to go home and spent the rest of the day in bed peeking through my bandages ad seeing my new cleavage there was very little pain the first night even though I didn't sleep a lot mostly just drifted in and out of naps. The next day I had an appointment with dr molony a nurse who out me in my post op bra which is ugly haha and I got to have a good look at the girls by this time the swelling had set in and my cleavage had disappeared but to my surprise there was absolutely no bruising what so ever and the scar was smaller then I had expected! All in all I'm am very happy so far with dr molony's work and couldn't have ask for a better experience The next two days kinda sucked as I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics and pain killers I was on so I stopped taking then and went to work the next day to see one of my doctors who prescribed me endone and a new antibiotic which has been wonderful! So besides the reaction everything I has been success, I can move my arms and do light arm lifts to exercise to keep the muscles from stiffing up! Morning boob sucks but I don't feel the boobs wanting to fall off feeling which is good but they get really stif at the tops of my implants! ATM I can't think of anything else to comment on as I'm resting mostly but I'll keep you girls updated I'll post a picture below of my progression so far
  3. Yay grats to everyone just a heads up I had a reaction to my antibiotics and pain killers so I'm trying out some new ones! I let my pain meds slip today as I was changing to the new ones annnnnnnd I would not recommend it hahahaha it was the most painful thing I've felt haha but after a few hours I'm feeling better. my boobies are getting softer and rounder thank god but I now understand morning boob and it suuuuccccks! I can't wait untill they start to drop and fluff! Day 2 has been pretty good so far and I'm thrilled with how their looking! How are the rest of our Boobie October doing?
  4. Hi ladies it's official I now have boobies!!!! My surgery was at 8:45 yesterday <3 I'm currently wrapped in a sticky bandage and have my check up and post up bra fitting at 10 today but so far I haven't been in a lot of pain! Dr Darren Molony was absolutely wonderful very calm and reassuring! And my anesthesiologist was incredable his name was Dr Nicholas Marks through stace anesthesiologists! I told him this was my first time being put under and how dreadfully terrified I was so he put a numbing patch on my Hand before putting the iv drip in and also let my partner hold my hand whilst I was being put under to comfort me! I couldn't believe how nice everyone was! I went through the memorial hospital in adelaide! When I woke up my pain level was about a 6 or 7 out of 10 then the nurses gave me some codeen and that put it down to a 3/10 when I moved otherwise there was no pain! It wasn't really a hurtful pain more of a bad ache like I did a really hard push up session, to be honest I thought the hadn't done the surgery as it felt like that had put my fully padded super push up bra back on and tighten the straps but nope I looked down and there they were my new 375cc mentor texture silicone implants! I have only seen the outline in the side as the bandages and tapes cover everything but so far I'm in love I'll try and post some pictures below for you guys! And this is my before shot!
  5. Hi everyone I've confirmed my booking for surgery on the 30th of October this year and paid all of my fees, I went with my bank BeyondBank and I had a secure bank loan! The women I spoke to was wonderful and understanding and helped me a lot through everything in total my loan was $10,300 and my repayments are $61 a week! But I plan on paying it off Quicker by increasing my payments when I get my tax back haha I think on this matter if you have waited and wanted surgery for long enough and you can afford the repayment then why not do it, it's almost like your saving the money but instead you get your boobies or whatever quicker! If it makes your quality of life better then do it, since I was 16 I wanted it done and I waited for them to catch up ( which they never did) so once I was able to I got a personal loan and secured it with my car that I bought myself (with out a loan ) and I'm so excited to have my surgery and I'm happy I decided to do it!
  6. Thanks everyone for the support and yes I'm going to have my mother and partner pick me up after the surgey and hubby is taking the two weeks off to take care of me and since his Italian he's going to take care of all the cooking haha and I've asked him to make sure eveything is within arms reach for me so we will be moving everything around for me hahaha But at the moment I'm sick argh! Just a head cold but still it's driving me crazy! I'm currently taking cold and flu tablets, antibiotics, 1000mg vit C tablets! Any advice to get rid of it quicker ?
  7. Thanks ladies I'm so very excited I definitely will be resting, I've taken 12 days of work including weekends so hopefully that should be long enough for me to rest and heal before returning to work ( I'm a medical receptionist)
  8. Hi every one so it's official my surgical fee. Implant costs and hospital free are all paid for!!! I have booked in for the 30th of October (2014) with dr Darren Molony through Adelaide plastic associates! My stats are 163cm tall, 64kg and currently a 12B. I'm having high profile 375cc silicone textured round implants under the muscle! I'm so freaking excited I'm hoping to post before and after pictures to show the results and help any other ladies out there with similar stats to me dr Darren Molony was very understanding, honest and patient with me, so ATM the idea of the surgery doesn't bother me at all because I feel I'm in safe hands Any advice for a new BA girl through her recovery such as what I should but before hand and how I should cope with the pain?????
  9. Hi Everyone I have really exciting News:D eeeep! I have booked in for my BA!! YAY I have had three consults one with Dr Peter Sylaids through APSA and even though i had a girlfriend of mine go through him and had great results i found him quite cold so he was a no go, then i saw Dr Trott and he was nice and warm but i honestly found Dr Darren Molony through APSA was more honest about what he was actually going to have to do to my breasts during surgery. Now i am a HUGE!!!!!!!! wussbag when it comes to pain and needles but hearing what he was going to do to correct my slight assymertry helped alot and i found he listened to my concerns and didnt just wave them away. SOOOOOOOOOO I have Booked in to have my surgery done on the 30th of October yayayayayay! Im so excited yet as the days draw closer and everything is being finalised im getting that dredful OMG AM I DOING THE RIGHT THING feeling and i have to keep telling myself there is a reason for me to go through for this. I have a second consult on the 13th of october to go through sizing again and if i have anymore questions or concerns but so far he and his staff have been wonderful. Im really excited as this will be my first opperation! btw have any of you girls had your crease lowered??? as Dr Molony says he will have to lower it by 1cm or so, how does lowering the crease affect the healing process and progression changes that you see as your breasts drop and fluff!???? any help is greatly appreicated thanks ladies <3
  10. Hey everyone I have a consult on the 22nd (my birthday lol) with Dr Darren Molony at Adelaide Plastic Surgery Associates in Adelaide but I'm hoping to have my sugery on the 31st of October? Anyone had any expirences with Dr Molony? 1st Oct- Domino, Miss Mel - Dr Duong TCI, Ayla-J - Dr Lee TCI, 2nd Oct- 3rd Oct- 6th Oct- 7th Oct- Mich007- Dr Kwok at TCI, MissJ - Dr Ho, Jules 76 - Dr Duong TCI, anna_bear- Dr Ho 8th Oct- Minititty- Dr Fleming, Kiwiboobs - Dr ****** 9th Oct- BreezKT- Dr Niro TCI 10th Oct- 13th Oct- 14th Oct- 15th Oct- 16th Oct- 17th Oct- 20th Oct- 21st Oct- 22nd Oct- Nicoleee - Dr Eddy Dona. 23rd Oct- RobynW- Dr Fung. Laurenvb - Dr Tang 24th Oct- 27th Oct- 28th Oct- Ninjaspec, Echo2k3- Dr Nguyen, Elegies 29th Oct- Jaddles 30th Oct- 31st Oct- SamanthaJade - Dr Darren Molony @ APSA
  11. Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and I'm hoping to get a BA in October early November! I had a consult with dr Salydis from APSA back in June and I found him rather cold which put me off, but I have to consults one with Dr Trott on the 17th of September and one with dr Darren Molony at APSA on the 22nd? I'm really excited as I'm 22 barely a B cup and my breast just never grew in, honestly I feel like a 12 year when I see myself in the mirror! So I'm looking to get a full C almost D cup? I was just wanting to hear from girls that have either seen dr trott or dr Molony and hear what your expirences were? So How do you deal with waiting so long for the procedure and how long should I take off work? I'm hoping to book in for the 31st of October?? Any advice is much appreciated <3
  12. Thanks I had a read throught and that sounds horrible! But others here have had wonderful results! What should I do! And was it whinging pom muscle that caused her problem or was it his surgical faults? I feel really confused now
  13. Hi I'm from adelaide I have a consult with Dr.Trott on the 17th because I heard good things but I was wondering if anyone had any before and after I could see? I also had a consult with dr salydis who I didn't feel comfortable with he seemed almost mathematical and cold about it like if anything goes wrong ill deal with it then, which really put me off! I'm hoping that Dr. Trott is a little warmer and will listen to my concerns!
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