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  1. I went with dr lee, now 5 weeks post op and I'm so happy. I have mild tuberous degree which dr lee didn't seen concerned about, he said if I have any constriction he would score it in surgery, he dissected my muscle so I would have a closer cleavage as pre op I had a very wide gap. I got 420xhp, was a 12B-10C pre op and I haven't been sized properly yet I did go buy some bras yesterday while there was a big sale and I got 12DD which fitted nice, in one style could have gone up a cup size though they didn't go up any larger. Hope that helps
  2. I had dr lee at tci. He's amazing!! Went dual plane, he made a dissection of my muscle so I could accomplish closer cleavage, and scored some minor constriction I have on my lower pole. I would recommend him highly, I'm not too sure if all the surgeons at tci have that extra training as dr lee used to do reconstructive work also. Hope that helps
  3. @bexstasboobs I went with dr lee, had 420cc but he said I could go up to 470cc but my skin didnt have much elasticity if it did I could have gone bigger. I think if you want a larger implant and he thinks your body can handle it he will definitly do as you want, really at the end of the day it's the patients choice and most of dr lees patients have wanted around the 400cc, it's not so much that he won't do any bigger. I wouldn't stress too much he's amazing!
  4. Oh yes and been complimented from doctors and nurses on my incisions and have been asked who did them as they're such clean work
  5. I'm a dr lee girl too! Would recommend him to anyone! He's amazing, such a gentleman, knows exactly what he's talking about and made me feel so comfortable and in good hands. I'm 9 days post op and already in love with my boobs! He's really good at listening to what you want and guides you with his professional advice. Hands down best thing I've done and he made it so easy for me
  6. Thank you I remember asking once I came out of sedation but just don't remember the answers hahah D:
  7. Hey girls just wondering how long you waited, and how long you were advised before going swimming (beach or pool) and going for a spray tan? Obviously covering up insicions also how long you waited to do some walking? Feel so lost without doing any excercise hahaha
  8. So glad everything went so well for you! Don't dread day 3 too much everyone is different, I had the bad pain the night of my surgery, and day three I just felt car sick from a 5 hour drive and the medications. Just stay on top of all medications though until you feel you can slowly stop taking them. I'm so happy for you
  9. I had mildy tubular breasts, and because there was a more acute angle from my crease to the bottom of my breasts he recommended that extra high would fit in there a lot nicer than a wider less Projectile implant, quite hard to explain he had to draw me a picture for me too hahaah. But I'm in love with them! Nothing like I thought XHP to be thought they were scary and fake looking hahaha I'm really glad I went with the XHP
  10. Hey, I had dual plane 420cc XHP and love them so far, I'm only 5 days post op though so have a lot of dropping to go! He said I was borderline-borderline, but said augmentation would be the best thing for me, and the borderline-borderline was more to do with my nipple position not excess skin though.
  11. That's great to hear! Everything went amazing loving my boobs already and im only 4 days post op! I went 420cc XHP dual plane, dr lee said I was a b to begin with so I'm hoping to be a DD + hahaha I stayed at meriton, was so comfortable and close to everything, free internet, foxtel and very comfortable beds if you have someone going with you you's could split it and it doesn't seem like much that way I paid under 600$ for three nights after the 10% discount too??
  12. Girls, just something I found could just be me. But I had to fly back from sydney to goldcoast 48hours after, then drive 5 hours to get home. I really wouldn't recommend travelling in car for so long because of how much the medication your on can make you feels nauseous, light headed and really really car sick, I wasn't driving but if you's can avoid it I would recommend doing so
  13. Yeah I was actually relieved about not having to go under general having a breathing machine and all else to keep me alive. Feels so much safer this way, although the anestheiest told me they're pretty much on the same safe levels. I woke up shivering and light headed, but it subsides quite fast although it may feel like quite a while because you'll feel very out of it until your mind catches up with the whole process. Waking up for me I don't remember, but my chest did feel very heavy which is something that also went away about sitting down with the nurse. I wouldn't stress about anything you don't need too, everyone's amazing there. I walked there by myself from my hotel and felt so at ease even being by myself because the staff are so lovely xx
  14. Thanks everyone! Last I had was one forte this morning and haven't had any pain tonight following so I think I should be okay to stop they were honestly just making me so slow in the head I couldn't handle it hahaha, yeah I only bothered with half an endone when I had pain the night after and the night after to be cautious. Great to hear I can finally stop for now!
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