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    BA: 390cc moderate profiles, dual plane
    Pre-op: 12AA
    Post-op: 12D
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    Dr. Kwok on July 18th
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    170cm, 57kg
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  1. I hear you... boob greed is definitely taking over me right now ahha. My surgeon told me the biggest I could do is 450cc, and when I tried it on, it looked WAY too big. Now I'm wishing I took that ): URGH!
  2. ): oh, I guess you better listen to your surgeon. I guess the only thing you can do is be patient.
  3. I'm almost 3 months post op and they have definitely softened up! You just have to diligent in doing your massages everyday; I find that when I don't massage them in the morning or afternoon, they tend to be fairly hard. When I was a week post op, my breasts felt like rocks! They were so hard and whenever I went to hug any of mates, they were really surprised too. A few months on, and I feel like my boobs are part of me now but they are still fairly firm. I hope it gets better for you soon!
  4. ): My heart goes out to the girls who've had bad experiences with their surgeries. That's the last thing you want when you've been trying to achieve your dream look after such a long time. I had my surgery with Dr. Kwok and I am satisfied with my result. With that being said, TCI does operate on their patients without much flexibility (e.g. round implants, twilight anathesia, incision under the breast). It's not for everyone, but from my experience I didn't have any huge issues with Dr. Kwok.
  5. I'm also using stratamed to help with the scarring. Appearance wise, they're starting to look better.
  6. I'm just a bit over 2 months post op and am loving my new boobs I am massaging my boobs and have noticed that there are still lumps and bumps under my breast where the incision was made. Is this normal? If I continue to massage it, will it eventually smooth out? Or did I already screw it up ):
  7. I've started noticing stretch marks on my breasts (whiteish ones) and I'm really worried about them. I know once you get stretch marks, they're there for good.... but is there anything I can do to maybe help them out a bit? I'm thinking of using bio oil but is it alright if I use it now (I'm 2 months post op)?
  8. Yes! Before my boobs, I was always self concious about my figure because I thought I looked very manly ): stuck to wearing like v-necks and scoop necks. I am loving turtle necks or tops with a higher neckline. Gives me an hourglass shape, and still very sexy while staying classy.
  9. I went out drinking at 2 weeks post op. I also did like 4-5 hours of dancing (like really into it, arms and all) at 3 weeks post op. Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't have, but I feel completely fine at the moment! No heavy lifting, but I definitely did a fair share of cardio.
  10. I'm almost 3 weeks post op, and I developed a few stretch marks around the nipple area at 2 weeks ): sometimes there aren't a lot of things you can do!
  11. Yeah, I was just so impatient and the post-surgery blues hit me hard. Its been almost 3 weeks post-op, I am now loving the way my boobs look! Can't stop looking at them, haha. They look amazing in clothes, even without a bra. Feeling waaay better about it all, and can't wait for them to continue to drop and fluff!
  12. I have the same problem as you! I was hoping to get a D cup (told my surgeon I wanted C-D cup), and I'm scared that they're not big enough. I was barely a 12A and got 390cc moderate profiles. At the moment I'm bordering between a C-D cup. How long has it been since your surgery? It might take a bit of time for them to settle and fluff up. I've heard stories of girls increasing in size and thats what I'm hoping for too!
  13. I got 390cc moderate profiles as well, just two weeks ago. I'm feeling the same as you ): think I could've gone bigger.. however, its still early and we just have to be patient. I am loving the look of them now though, more so than last week.
  14. Hi, What cup size are you now? I've got similar stats to you, 169-170cm abd 57kg and i got 390cc moderate profiles. Not sure what cup size i'm going to end up with. I've just had my surgery two days ago and they look tiny lol, but i know they will settle and fluff.
  15. Thanks RH4K And thanks AshLin for sharing your experience. I've read a lot of stories about people not being happy at first and how you have to be patient, but for some reason when it actually happened to me I just forgot about all of that and felt a bit down in the dumps even though I know the process isn't instant.
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