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    Dr. Lee - TCI Bondi - 1.OCT.2014
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    179cm / 67kg / Pre Op: 10B Post Op: N/A

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  1. Right after your BA, is this the size of your Breasts? obviously without the swelling. or are the muscles & skin flattening the implants to an extent? just wondering if you get any bigger or if what you are after surgery is pretty much your size. I'm 3 days post op, loving that 2 hands barely cover my boob as my old boobs never got close to filling my hand.. but I think I will get a bit of boob greed! lol hence why I am asking. Sorry if it seems like a stupid question.
  2. Hey! I booked with TCI July 25th, they offered me a surgery date for the following week! but was way too soon and the next date I Could get with Dr.Lee was October 1st. I chose Dr. Lee because he had a lot of clients with the kind of results I was after... so glad I trusted my instinct because he has done an amazing job! I love my new girls and am only 3 days post op. I felt so comfortable with Dr.Lee from the second he introduced himself... I will always speak highly of him I have a before and after in my gallery, send a FR if you wish to check it out
  3. it went amazing, for someone who suffers with bad anxiety I walked into the surgery room with zero nerves! I was just excited. Everyone made me feel feel so comfortable. I am in barely any pain, maybe 2-3/10 mainly when I get up. my ribs are very tender! any questions, just ask away
  4. yeh you can't really compare to anyone else as everybody has a different anotomy too. I had lots of boobie inspo pics but I didn't rely on those because I know they would give me unrealistic expectations. I sent you a friend request I have a before and after up atm a better one will probably be posted tomorrow it went so well, best experience! highly recommend TCI. I am feeling great right now, have been in barely any pain since the surgery
  5. I think that should bring you to your large C/ small D I had my surgery today. I am 179cm, 69kg and was a 12B pre op. I have 450cc implants & my surgeoun said that should bring my to a DD. Hope that kind of helps you, we are nearly similar stats.
  6. im so excited too But over thinking a couple of things right now kind of worried.
  7. thank you ladies! starting to worry myself a bit, as he is lowering my crease & I have not so pretty pre op boobs! I hope I don't bottom out or anything.
  8. that's so exciting, I have been seeing some gorgeous results of his popping up. The girls that have him always speak highly of him. to be honest I think everyone a TCI are just incredible! you are in good hands!
  9. I don't have the prettiest boobs to begin with but hopefully he makes them much nicer lol I trust him, he is awesome! I bet you are getting excited, the time will fly by xx thanks darl
  10. I didn't look anywhere else in Australia once I found out about TCI. I was originally looking at Thailand & was reading forums on thailand boobies when I saw comments about TCI! TCI price is $5990, consultation is $150, post op bra was $50 or $75. Meds after surgery I was told $40 by my surgeon today. they also now offer a capsular contracture guarantee which is $490. Im unsure if I will get it or not! my flights, return were $160. and they reccomend the Meriton serviced apartments, which they give you a discount code for. For 4 nights our room was $530.. split between two people is barely anything though so overall it has been fairly cheap! well I think anyway.. especially for in Aus. I chose TCI because I had been watching their facebook for months & months before I finally decided on my favorite surgeon and all the surgeous amazing results just put my mind at ease about the place!! they have an incredible reputation
  11. Hey Kyza, I am getting mine done at The Cosmetic Institute in Bondi, my surgeon is Dr. Lee. I travelled from Victoria, so I did not see my surgeon until today! they do the cosultation and surgery back to back to make it easier for those travelling a fair distance I am 179cm tall, 68kg. currently a small 12B and my implants should bring me to a DD. I booked everything on July 25th this year, I havn't had to wait long at all
  12. Cannot believe the day is finally almost here! I had my consultation today and am just super excited now 450cc, HP, round & under the muscle. nerves have not kicked in yet.
  13. I had my consultation today. I am 5'11" 68kg and am having 450cc HP implants put in tomorrow Dr. Lee said I have a very small anatomy for my height, so 450cc was the biggest I could go! im currently a 12B and the implants should bring me to a DD!
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