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  1. Nzgirl24


    Hi everyone- can anyone tell me what a silicone implant rupture feels like? I'm a bit worried
  2. Nzgirl24

    Feburary 2015 Boobs

    Hey atlast, that is so unfortunate you have to get revision! At least once it's done your boobs will be perfect! Mine are going well, they get a bit sore every now and again does anyone else get that
  3. Nzgirl24

    How Old Are You?

    I'm 25 had by ba 4 months ago when I was 24
  4. Nzgirl24

    Calling all 350cc :)

    I got 345cc and went from a small a to 10dd. Wish I went bigger too like 450cc!
  5. Nzgirl24


    Hey everyone ! I'm nearly 4 months post op so I've brought a few bras already but I'm just wondering which bras are best to give cleavage? I'm measuring a 10dd
  6. Nzgirl24

    Pocket to big?

    Yea I think that's what it would be I hope! Nah I live in NZ and my surgeons on the Gold Coast so pretty hard to go see him haha
  7. Nzgirl24

    Pocket to big?

    Yeah i emailed my nurse and sent my 3 month post op pics and she said it could just be one dropping faster than the other. They don't look noticeably different just the feeling. I guess I will just see what happens
  8. Nzgirl24

    Pocket to big?

    Hey everyone, has anyone ever had their pocket for their implant made to big? My left breast seems just a little bit loose compared to the right? And it's a bit noticeable when I touch it as it's easier to move and feel the implant move in the left side. I'm about 3 months post op now
  9. Nzgirl24

    Do they ever feel normal again?

    I'm nearly 3 months post op and mine are really squishy, and have been pretty good since about week 5-6
  10. Nzgirl24


    I went back to work on the 10th day post op and it was so bad like I couldn't wait to go home. I wish I had of taken atleast 2 weeks and I only work in an office also. If you do go back on the Monday you'll still be on meds that mess you up, I went to the movies on day 3 post op and it was hard to even walk to the movies from the carpark coz I was out of breath and can't remember any of the movie haha.
  11. Nzgirl24

    Nausea/vomiting after surgery

    I didn't get any vomiting at all. I think I'm pretty lucky tho coz I haven't heard many stories where people didn't vomit at least once. All depends on your tolerance ect I think
  12. Nzgirl24

    Morning Boob & Tightness

    I found it got better at about 3 weeks. I'm 9 weeks post op now and have been sleeping with one pillow since then and no bra since about 2 weeks ago
  13. Are you going with cosmeditour Gold Coast ?
  14. Nzgirl24

    Sufficient time off work after BA???

    Im 8 weeks post op and I found I came about right at week 4-5weeks . I cleaned my house at 3 weeks post op and I remember I had to take a few breaks - my house isn't that big either .