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  1. Ok so an update. The guy has been given the flick. I'm def not one to sleep around As I never slept with the guy I just dumped but I have been a little naughty with a guy I've been friends with for ages. Two weeks post opp and..... Ok so was uncomfortable to move around too much and was really scary taking off my garmet for the first time other than too wash and shower but I did it. It felt different. Like tighter. Lol. I'm guessing because everything has moved up the skin has been bought forward if that makes sense. I was def sore after lol. The thing I loved the most is for the first time in my life I felt comfortable lying in front of a guy in the nude. I even got up the next morning in front of him. Best part is that he has seen me since and is contacting me constantly. Feeling very special and building confidence.
  2. I'm so happy for all new tummy Tucker's!!!!! I'm loving my new look to death!!! Does anyone know if we can go swim at the beach? I'm so hot and all I wanna do is be cool. I can understand no to pool but maybe beach??
  3. My ps said they are happy to backdate because my recovery has been so fast. Even they were suprised. Well I'll find out tomorrow I guess.
  4. So yesterday I received a text from my regional about if I was ok to start work today and if I had got a doctors certificate saying I can return to work. Before my surgery my regional and state manager were convinced I wouldn't be ready to come back so to shut them up I suggested getting a certificate to prove it, well last Friday I sent my regional a text letting him know I was feeling good about coming back and was ready. He never even mentioned the cert and I had totally forgot about me saying it anywAt due to I've been on annual leave- moving house, looking after my child and not to mention on meds. Brain fried. He never bought it up then either. So 2:40 yesterday he requests one. Day before I start back. So I call and say I'm ready you know that, I sent you a text last Friday. But he goes on to say you can't come back until we have the cert. so I get off the phone call the surgeon and he's not back till Monday but they will be happy to back date and if work wants to call they can until the doc can get something together for me. My regional has refused my return to work until I get the cert and refuses to call. I am now being forced to take sick leave as my annual leave is up which I am very annoyed about. As I only take sick leave if my son is unwell and do so to cover myself. When I said to him why didn't he remind me last week when I sent the text he said he shouldn't have to. What the! He is my manager! Shorly he would think well she has a lot happening T the moment I'll just make sure she remembers to get one. And.... It actually doesn't feel right that they are even asking for one considering if I didn't tell them they would not have even known. I took annual leave. What I'm entitled to. He said if I didn't tell them they could have dismissed me for lying????? Can anyone give me some insight, I'm feeling very annoyed, and slightly discriminated against.
  5. Ok so had a thought today after looking at those red marks on my sides, I think I've got ice burn???? I think that's what it's called. I remember having an ice pack under my side the other day and I left it a lot longer on one side then the other. I'm guessing cause I was numb I didn't realise how cold it was. Is this bad??????
  6. Does anyone know know when we can start swimming? It's 41 today!!!!
  7. So I drove for the first time today. I stuck a pillow behind my back to slightly arch my back and I was fine. Sat the seat up straight also. Atleast when it comes to going to work Friday I'm confident now.
  8. I couldn't get a hold of anyone today, and couldn't get out anyway as my car has been elsewhere. I'll check it again tomorrow.
  9. Can someone please have a look at the pic I just posted. I woke this morning really ichy, then had a shower a few hours later to find a big red mark. It's not ichy anymore but just hot and red, I have minor marks on the other side. I had lipo on my hips and the area is quite numb.
  10. Ok I'm a little worried. Woke up with an itchy hip really itchy. Just got into shower and noticed big red, hot marks on both sides of my hips?????
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