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  1. I used to be quite active on here many years ago and feels weird coming back for a revision. I pretty much knew day 1 there was something wrong with my left boob and even told them that day and continually. Eventually they agreed i did need a revision as my pocket was made too small and the implant couldn't fit. I was too scared too go back to them (wise choice). Nearly 5 years years later, a boob that had a snoopy look to it and now getting pain, I've decided it's time to risk it and get it fixed. I'm looking for a plastic surgeon around Brisbane/Gold or Sunshine Coast who is good with revisions. I don't care how much they cost if they are excellent surgeons with a lot of experience. Would love to talk to other women who have had or are having revisions too.. Thanks in advance xo
  2. Good luck for tomorrow Becca hope you get a good night sleep tonight. That week will be here before you know it Krittle and a holiday too! Another early night for me, all i seem to do is sleep.
  3. I just wanted to update that I've found someone to pick me up from the airport and drop me home. So i don't have to drive myself thankfully.
  4. 3 days post op and i just popped my first button. I'm so proud Still feeling great. Like a few others I'm also getting tired mid afternoon, due for my nap.
  5. I haven't really touched mine yet. Very gently run my hands over to check numb spots but that's it. How much pressure can we touch with?
  6. Was just there on 12th. Everyone was wonderful. Facilities were great. Felt very comfortable. Very professional.
  7. I couldn't fault Dr Niro either. Or the 2 Tom's (anesthetioligists) or the pre and post nurses. Everyone was amazing, nice and so reassuring. I loved that Dr Niro came and saw me in recovery to make sure i was happy and felt well. My pain had been nothing more than am ache and tightness.
  8. I've noticed quite a few girls looked small to start and then got bigger as they dropped and fluffed. mine are definitely not as big as i expected 2 days PO but happy with size, i hope the shape improves but i don't want too much bigger
  9. Yeah i think insurance is a big thing but i plan to not change lanes and just take my time. I only take 1 forte with panadol so only a small amount. I'm assuming i may be sore the next day after it but i have plenty of time to recoup before needing to drive again. I'm not happy that i have to do this i just hope for the best. Listening to all your stories and by going how I'm feeling now i think I'll be ok. I'm surprised that it hasn't really been painful at all (yet). I hope i don't get overwhelmed half way home bit if i do i can always stop at a maccas and have a cuppa or something. Actually now i think about it if i go along the Gateway Motorway there will be no stopping/traffic lights etc. Bit further to drive but less use of gears. Do you think that would be a better option?
  10. I've just found out i have to drive myself from airport 5 days post op. there's only about 8km of actual traffic with lights etc other than that all highway. my car is a sports sedan so easy steering and gears. Do you think this will be ok? I really have no choice at this stage unfortunately. I'm day 2 post op ATM, with no real pain (only tightness and a bit achy) and hardly on any painkillers already (1x panadol, 1x forte 4 hrly) Thanks for advice
  11. Yeah Shakie i made my sizers 50cc smaller to cover for that. I'm only day 2 but mine definitely aren't as big as the sizers were bit I'm ok with that. I'm feeling pretty good, only on 1 x panadol and 1x forte every 4 hours at this stage. No pain just achy sometimes. Not too tight today. How are all of you feeling?
  12. I'm 170cm and 60kg. I went mod as i was borderline lift plus i didn't want huge out the front ones. I'm aiming more the cleavage/side boob look
  13. I've added pics to my gallery. Just got my first look 24hours post op. I'm pretty happy. Lefty more swollen but not more sore. Still only mild achy/tightness and no morning boob. My first shower felt Devine!
  14. Had my surgery about 12pm today with TCI Dr Niro. Lefty looks more swollen at this stage but can't really see anything. Bit tight and achy, hard to move around when sitting, but nothing major. they were so good at TCI felt comfortable the whole time, only really got nervous when i walked into the operating theatre. They also did my cannula on the table and i hardly felt it. I was shaking heaps so the guy went to get me a new warm blanket and i was out cold before he got back lol. I don't even remember feeling tired - just out cold. The after care nurse said after surgery whenever they asked me anything i cried lol. Though i was able to tell them where my purse and Medicare card were - i don't remember any of it. I was a 12A - hoping to end up a 12D. 445cc round mod They don't look huge which I'm very thankful for. Tomorrow may be a different story lol
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