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    385cc (right) & 365cc (left) high profile, under the muscle, rounds.
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    Dr Lee @ TCI. 26th November 2014
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    5"11/ 58kgs/ 10B previously / 10E after surgery

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  1. My stats are different but as for round high profile implants looking natural - I believe mine are super natural looking and I went 365 & 385cc ?
  2. I had my surgery at TCI with Dr Lee ?. I had a great experience and this is the progress of my boobs if it helps. My stats are off from yours (180cm 58kgs) but I was a 10B and I got 365cc & 385cc unders and I'm now a 10E. As you can see in the picture they don't look like E's - implant bra sizes do not look like their natural counterparts. So if you're aiming for a D cup, to get that same look you may actually be in an E cup - but they'll look smaller. I didn't show Dr Lee any pictures, purely because he was more interested in seeing what would suit my body. But if you find what you like, definitely take them in with you ?. I was the same as you - back to back consult and it was frustrating waiting but you really don't know what you can fit until you know your BWD, existing breast tissue and a host of other measurements - patience does suck though ?
  3. Wow! 6 months! Is he insane?! Unless you're a nun, that just ain't gonna happen. By 3-4 months your pockets should be entirely healed and something like grabbing would be no risk of damaging them (unless you're at risk of bottoming out or something). To me it's a bit like aggressive massage - keeps my boobs soft without having to do it myself ?. I mean sure, listen to your body, make sure everything is feeling OK and if something hurts don't do it - but that just seems extreme...
  4. We were allowed to start lowering our pillow forts at 3 weeks. But i spent the entire 6 weeks elevated at about 90degrees as that kept me from rolling onto my side and I wasnt allowed to do that until after 6 weeks. It was a very comfy pillow fort so it was OK haha. I did try to lower my fort at 3 weeks but the morning boob was very unpleasant so I avoided that for awhile ?
  5. I can't help you with netball but I can help with push ups ?. I started back doing push ups at 10 weeks post op. Very poor, on my knees push ups - but push ups nonetheless haha. I am now over 8 months post op and can bust out pushups but still only on my knees and it's taken me ages to be able to do them normally as such. As for the sick feeling, I've not heard of it making people nauseous and i certainly never had that problem but it could be because of the feeling. A lot of ladies refuse to do them at all due to the feeling of the muscle contracting over the implant, it is an odd feeling. I'm so used to it i don't even notice it now but it can be very off putting to some. I'd say my upper body strength is better than before my op (so I've managed to build it up) but it's a different strength now. Things like tricep dips and push ups are not my forte now! And it took a lot longer than expected to get it back up too. I hope that helps ?
  6. Every surgeon has a different method of recovery that works best with their procedure. TCI's is categorically no lifting your arms above shoulder height for three weeks. It can damage your healing. I'm sure for others it's no problem depending on their surgery but all us TCI girls had to pretend we were T-Rex's for three weeks ?
  7. Hi ambz-xx, Firstly congratulation on your new boobs ?! Secondly, if you only had them done on Monday you are not allowed to be lifting your arms above your head. It's three weeks for that so you don't cause any damage of the pocket - think of all the stitches trying to heal as you then lift your arm and pull them internally - big no no. I'm surprised you didn't see that in your post op notes? The pain you are feeling is normal, it's your nerves. It's two separate surgeries and thus two separate recoveries. They will both feel and heal differently as time goes on. This is also in your post op notes, I'm a bit concerned you don't have your notes? I can dig up a copy of you like? I hope you have a nice speedy recovery xx
  8. I think it's important to note that every surgeon has a different opinion and different way of doing things based on the surgery they personally perform. Some surgeons recommend lifting your arms above your head a couple of hours out of surgery which helps heal and work with their specific surgery, mine didn't let me lift them above my head for 3 weeks because it could damage mine. Neither surgeon is wrong, they're just doing what works for the specific style of surgery performed. Always listen to what your surgeon says as they know what can and will work for you and what could jeapordize your recovery - because they've been in there ?
  9. I found that at the 6 week mark my boobs were still very much boulder like, so underwire didn't fit correctly. The middle band couldn't sit completely flat on my chest, meaning the underwire dug in, in the oddest way. It wasn't the incisions as such, more the weird fit ?
  10. I was 180cm, 58kgs, 10B/C, breast width 14cm - no kids though ?. I got 365cc & 385cc high profiles and I'm now a 10E - but they do not look that big. I would say mine look like a D. So don't be put off by the bra size. Your bra size is likely to end up large but implants look smaller than real so don't rely on that. I would say he's gone that large to fill up any excess skin (not in a bad way, just that your boobs have more give). In my experience, if the doctor is recommending a size and you've been open and honest about the look you are after - the doctor is right ?. If you've got the room to fit them, I'd go for it. Yes they'll be large but they'll end up looking in proportion because tall girls tend to eat cc's. Meaning we can carry larger implants without looking like we're going to topple over ?
  11. I booked all my flights and accommodation myself. Waited on the cheap flights to Sydney and i booked the accommodation based on the place discounted by TCI. Was much easier and cheaper than going the package way ?
  12. I went to surgery in a zip up hoodie, no bra, adidas trackies and ugg boots ?. All class that day! But i get so cold after surgery and i was so comfy after surgery because of it. Otherwise you'll probably just spend a lot of time in your room, so a nice fluffy robe will do wonders. Also think loose pants, i had no idea I used my pec muscles to pull pants up (it obviously makes sense if you think about it haha) so skinny jeans were a no go ?.
  13. I'm going to be honest, I really let myself go in that 6 weeks (it was over Christmas and New Year). I had every intention of being good and then i couldn't exercise and i just couldn't see the point. So not only did i lose my beautiful (haha) muscle but i definitely got soft. I was a size 8 and then gained 10kgs. Turned out to be a blessing as i really struggle to put on muscle, i tend to lean up. Anyway when i got back into the gym i turned all that extra weight into muscle and now i finally have that solid definition/abs i always wanted - so definite blessing. Anything you lose, you can and will get back, and it's been great because now i know no matter how hard i bust my butt at the gym ' my boobs aren't going anywhere ?. Keep your normal routine leading up to surgery, but cut out chest 4-6 weeks before. You want to try and loosen your pec muscles before surgery to make recovery less painful and faster for you. I recommend getting a pec massage 6 weeks after surgery too, helps loosen them up again. After you get the all clear to get back into it, start slow. Drop your weights and test how you go, drop them again if you need to. Anything you can't do, don't stress. Just try again in a weeks time. You'll want to be patient with yourself and your recovery, that part was hard - i was so peeved at what I'd lost - but the key is to build it back up the same way you did before. It's not going to take as long as muscle memory really is incredible but don't expect to jump right back into your pre surgery workout. Also don't work through any pain, you can still damage your boobs - now if something hurts we can push through. Definite no no when you get back into it. You could really do some damage, so be gentle with push ups, weights, tricep dips etc - you'll do more damage than good expecting them to handle pressure like before. There's an implant in the way now - its never going to be the same, you've just got to adjust to the new different ?. It's 100% worth it though!
  14. This really depends on your surgeon. I know heaps of ladies who have gone through over the BMI with nothing ever said but i also know of another lady who was the same 5kgs over and she was told to lose the weight (yes that rudely too). But then again she may have mentioned it to them so that's what tipped them off! I'd say see how you go but don't mention it unless they do!
  15. I was OK' for underwire at 6 weeks but i knew how many changes would happen from then so i wore the complete comfort bras with the wire removed until 6 months. I've been wearing normal underwire since then with absolutely no discomfort whatsoever ?
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