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    Dr Tang 6th November 2014
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    174cm, 70kg, 12A
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  1. November 6th Dr Tang at TCI Parramatta
  2. So my cotton on crop tops arrived and I love them. I ordered them in XL (I'd but a L normally). It fits and has room to allow for my new boobs. The zip up type is perfect and the price is right
  3. I have ordered a zip front crop top from "Cotton On Body". I ordered online so I can't tell you much until it arrives in the mail. They were on sale ($15).
  4. Hi girls. I am new to the forum and it is definetly helping me answer any concerning questions I have. I am booked in at TCI Parramatta with Dr Tang for consult 5th November and surgery 6th November. I am flying from Brisbane so I won't have time to think or change my mind on what I choose to have in the consult. I'm hoping I'll know what I want and be happy with the decision at the consult. I've had two boys and my breasts went from a b cup to and cup and now a saggy a NZsarah I'd love to join the facebook page also my facebook email is amyclement169@hotmail.com Amy
  5. I'm booked in for surgery November 6th with Dr Tang at TCI Partamatta 50 days to go
  6. If I stay fit and healthy and look after my new boobs (which I plan to). How long will they last (give or take). At some point do we have to get a follow up surgery or have them removed 10 years form now (give or take).
  7. Is there a way to view photos of dr tangs work? I have viewed through the Facebook page. However I'm hoping there is an album or place to view just his work before surgery so I can show the specific ones I like.
  8. Thank you.....is anyone concerned about back pain? I want to go as big as my frame will suit but don't want to have the worry of future back pain. Or is this only an issue for woman with very large breasts?
  9. Hello Ladies Just thought I'd create a post to talk to all the girls having their BA done at TCI in November. I am booked in with Dr Tang for surgery on 6th November (I'm in Brisbane so my consult is 5th November). After reading way to much on the internet, watching you tube clips and now on the forum. I have so many question and concerns. What size to get, over/under muscle, round or tear drop, returning to boot camp, pre op care, post op care. Can I tell if I will need a lift (Im getting excited and don't know how i'd be if I get to my consult and are told I need a lift. I have breast fed two boys was a 12B before pregnancy, 12D during feeding and now a 12A (time to get boobs). Feel free to FR me Amy
  10. Thankyou so much for this. I have my BA surgery 6th November and your post helped so much. Should I go and buy a zip up or button up shirt (I don't have any) or would a loose fitting light top be okay? Amy
  11. Hello Ladies I am having my consult with Dr Tang on 5th November and Surgery on 6th November this year. A friend of mine told me about this forum. I keep looking at youtube videos and before and after photos and also breast surgery that has gone terribly wrong. I guess my concern is wanting to get as big as it suits my body and hope that I love the results. It is hard to decide on what options I want for something I can not see how it will look until it's done. I am so excited to finally have boobs. I was always a size B, then while breastfeeding I was a D cup and now I'm a saggy A cup Hoping this forum helps answer all my questions and concerns along the way Amy
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