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  1. How are you January girls? I did fat transfer to butt and lips on 27th Jan. The last days has been utterly painful, I'm so sore all over! Diarrhea on top of this, jesus. Feeling a tad bit better now but getting out from bed is a pure extreme sport but I'm telling myself that it gets better day by day. I didn't do anything with my breasts and I glad I skipped changing my implants otherwise I wouldn't handle the overall pain. In bkk and I can't wait to SIT after a few weeks lol
  2. I have no clue about this but how do i get the best rate? Im already in Asia but im flying to Thailand soon and i havent brought any cash. I'm from Europe btw, not Australia. Should i take out thai baht at airport for my surgeries? What's your experiences and how did you got the best rate? Thanks in advance, ladies! xx Sorry if this has been discussed before
  3. Thanks Minx! Im already in Asia and havent brought cash with me but what about taking out cash at the airport in thailand or is it a no go?
  4. Many many thanks Minx, I wish you plenty of luck! I went to piac last year, and I know you'll be in very good hands. Mine is either on 21th or 22th jan but ill have to discuss with my dr further more when i first get there. The plan is fat transfer to buttock but im considering fat transfer to breasts as well or just change my implants for bigger ones but that will mean a longer recovery. I'll get down to something. It's nerve wracking but im trying to stay calm and hope the recovery will go smoothly Have you packed any vitamins and the like? Edit: What's the best way to pay to get the best rate? I'm already in Asia but im flying to Thailand soon. Take out cash in bahy at the airport? I'm a bit lost when it comes to this!
  5. Anyone doing surgery in bkk the upcoming week? Ill be around
  6. I'm in bkk from mid jan as well, all alone. let me know if anyone wants tI buddy up:)
  7. Anyone with experiences? I have under muscle but I Wish to go over muscle next month since I feel that my body is eating up all the cc's. I'm hesitant though since om afraid of the risk of going from under to over. I have 6002ml and was barely an A to start with
  8. Boomerang: I'm doing revision in bkk in 2 weeks. What about you? Decided what size to go for? Pre op preparations? Was thinking buying arnica tablets before surgery since i heard its supposed to reduce swelling (and pain?) but we'll see. Other than that, I'm not worrying much and hope it goes as smooth as last time. Going under muscle again so it will hurt more though but it's temporary for 2-3days for me. Good luck!
  9. Anyone doing BA from mid dec in thailand?
  10. What surgeries and which dr? Approx the same time as you as well, and I'd be happy to have company! I'm mailing with a dr in phuket atm but I'm flying to bkk either way so I might just go back to my dr in bkk (he did BA revison) who has my trust and head to phuket only if theres any facial surgeries that my dr in bkk won't be able to do. As for BA, the only reason for my 2.revision is because I want to go bigger.
  11. Yes for revision, changing my old 485ml to 600ml, lift, fix the left breast thats bottoming out and my hypertrophic scars under each breasts from my first BA (not by rushapol). Good luck, daisyduke. Are you going for submuscular too? I just did ba revison 600ml under muscle today by dr pichet in bkk. Utterly painful so im stuck in bed for the whole day. Cant wait to see the girls!
  12. Thanks, sweets! Ive been on an emotional rollercoaster after my first nose surgery and was devasted of the result but im so grateful that i found rushapol. Frank, straight honest and tells me exactly how it is and the realistic outcome - not what i wish to hear. He didnt even wanted to do it in the first place since he thought my expectations were too high and i had some fillers left on the nose which will cause difficulties if he cant get rid of em all. The next day he tol me thay the surgery was successful and girl did i smiled with my freaky swollen face. Smiled so much to the point that it was painful since i was still sore from the surgery lol I went to thai because PS supposed to be cheaper than in europe and although Rushapol isnt the cheapest, i wouldn't let any other dr touch my nose besides him. Revision aint easy but i have my trust on him. Glad this is done, now over to the racks. Piac quoted me 190 000 baht for BA revision, eeek! Ill consult with pichet soon and see how it goes. Im still gooogling around after reviews of pichet. I opt for 600ml submuscular. I want it big as in "naturally" big without the boobies looking like 2 water melons. I currently have 485ml atm and one is bottoming out and theres no full upper pole so i want it fixed. Will you do any surgeries?
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