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  1. Tania was fantastic! However, she is no longer there. I've been back to LCA twice since she has left with different injectors, and I must say, I am not impressed at all. My injections don't last long at all. Barely 6weeks when I usually get 3months easily. I've been given a name of another lady (not LCA) and off to see her this coming Friday Sorry, just reread post and its regarding lip fillers. My experience is with dysport.
  2. Abdominal muscles. They are going to get a work out ?
  3. I have mentor overs and have rippling. I can feel them and when I bend over I can ever so slightly see them. It's really not that noticeable and I don't think anyone else would be able to see them. My PS warned me of rippling bc I'm quite thin. The rippling doesn't bother me.
  4. Yes that's right. I had all my consults in geelong with Niamh and surgery at Stonnington October 2014. When I had my 12month post op check, she mentioned Natalie had come on board to take over a majority of surgeries bc she travels overseas a lot teaching breast surgery to other surgeons. She also mentioned with my following 12 month annual check ups that it may be Natalie that I will be seeing.
  5. Oh good! She works along side my PS - Niamh Corduff. You are in very good hands ?
  6. Hey mct. That's where I had my surgery. Can't fault them. My PS and her team were fantastic and the staff at Stonnington were fab. Who is your surgeon?
  7. Yes $690 sounds right. It is a lot of money. I recommend trying the mini green peel first. There is no down time with that one. I came out very red and when I touched my skin I had a prickly feeling. I shed a little bit of skin around my jawline after around 2-3 days but it was fine. 2 weeks post treatment my skin was amazing! I didn't even want to wear makeup, it was that clear and glowy. I haven't tried the big peel bc I don't fancy my face peeling off as that is what happens, then five days post treatment you head back to the salon for a post treatment to remove all that skin hanging
  8. Hey sydgal. Yes I have had the herbal aktiv peel (green peel). I've had the mini green peel a few times, not the big one where you need 5 days down time. I love it! I need to go get another one. Leaves my skin flawless. Have you tried it?
  9. Tuscan tan. Rimmel mousse + model co spray if I'm doing it myself, which is most of the time ?
  10. Thankyou Lisba ? I am very happy with them.
  11. Sure! No worries at all. I'll accept your friend request
  12. Ohhh, I can't be of any help sorry! I love my wine ! ? And tapas platter, yummy!! But well done on the weight loss. Totally awesome ? September, how exciting. Will be here b4 you know it.
  13. Hello GoldKC. ? Feel free to add me if you want. I'm into the smaller look (not many of us on here believe me ?) and very happy with my results. I'm sure you will be very happy with Dr M. He has a very good reputation
  14. I agree, sounds to me like rippling
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