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    Breast Augmentation
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    Consultation Nov 3rd, Surgery December 9th with Dr Miroshnik
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    155cm/47kg/large A, BW 12.5. Going for Mentor CPG 330cc mod+ anatomical to get me to a full C.
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  1. I only ever open one the forum messages not via email. Mine wasn't there. It looked suss so I deleted it anyway.
  2. Good luck miss rosehiptea. It is surgery and you won't know how your body will react. Do you have anyone to help out at home ?
  3. I'm 6 months and my right side is still tighter than the left. I'm right handed and the dominant side is always tighter. I was advised by my PS to try to do any lifting or pulling with my left hand/arm. It will take a while.
  4. 41 with 2 primary school kids. Celebrating 6 months today and no regrets.
  5. The wait is the hardest part. I hope all goes well for you. It is definitely worth the wait though. Good luck.
  6. I had reservations and had a minor panic attack on the day. Having 2 kids I was concerned that my vanity would leave them without a mother if something went wrong. It is perfectly natural to worry. You need to weigh up the pros and cons. I had a difficult first week but since then haven't looked back. I LOVE my new boobs and thank my lucky stars each day I was finally able to have breasts. No one has judged me as I kept it to myself bar 2 friends and 2 family members before and only 2 people since. My male cousin (who is the only one who has noticed and said anything) congratulated me as he k
  7. I had my BA with Dr M in December. At first they seemed big, then teeny, but now that they have dropped and fluffed they are perfect. I went from an 8A/B to an 8E with 330cc. Don't judge them until 3 months and take plenty of progress pics. You will see a massive difference.
  8. Morning boob is a stiff tight feeling you get in the pectoral muscle area first thing in the morning. It settles quickly with a few light stretches and subsides after 4-8 weeks. Mine wasn't too bad at all.
  9. 10A/B (never measured properly before) 8E after 9 week check. I was provided with some Carefix bras (hook type) in small. I bought a couple of cheap wirefree bras (10C) from target and a couple of cheapy crop bras until proper bras could be worn after 9 week check up. I pretty much lived in my carefix and still wear them a few nights a week for comfort an support.
  10. http://www.weekendnotes.com/arbonne-beauty-care-products/
  11. This is why for my own piece of mind I had them done in Sydney. Follow up care is also a lot easier.
  12. I'm at the same stage as you and have had exactly the same thing. It could be nerves regenerating??
  13. 8 weeks was when my leftie started to drop. Rightly is still slowly catching up.
  14. My husband loves them. Just remember you are doing it for you and no one else. I have increased confidence (I had no boobs ever) and feel great. I haven't noticed any additional attention because that's not why i had mine done.
  15. I am biased as Dr Miroshnik did my BA, but I wouldn't recommend anyone else. I am ectatic with my results.
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