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  1. Thanks Gggggg, I'm with you there i'm willing to save the extra to have the best result. That was the other query i had, isolated chest exercises. Im pretty big in to my exercise, so can you resume normal exercise after full recovery? I'd hate to think i could never do a push up again. Can it damage them or is it that it just feels strange the way the implant moves?
  2. Thanks Ladies, Can anyone give me an idea of cost? i've got in my mind 12k so thats what i am working for. Also how often do corrections/replacements come about? is this something many of you have had? Im so excited but so scared at the same time. Im worried ill get the 'what have i done' feeling after but then be super stoked after everything has settled down, just hope ill get through it all ok. Does it feel weird after getting used to something foreign in your body? Also how good is this forum for information and support, love technology!
  3. Plastic Surgeon it is! I can't seem to find any website for Tony Connell. Does any know if he has one or do i just have to ring up?
  4. Hello, I ve been researching surgeons in perth and im finding it very overwhelming. I'm thinking ill be opting for teardrop under the muscle. Can any one help me narrow down surgeons. I was told Dr Chris Allen was good but i have only heard from one person so not really sure? I was also considering TCI in Sydney? What the thoughts on Cosmetic surgeons vs plastic surgeons? Thank you!
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